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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Sunday, April 01, 2001
"If anyone's mom has an alien killing ice-pick it's probably yours." -Benno 4-1-01
"I'm just saying it wouldn't be a big surprise if your mom turned out to be an alien bounty hunter."
"I'm just saying if anyone's mom was going to be an alien bounty hunter it would be yours"
These quotes were inspired by an episode of the X-files. I can only wonder what he really thinks of my mother.

posted by Rachel 4/1/2001
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No one seems to update blogs on the weekend.
Not much happening here. Benno is camped out on the couch reading "Jobs that don't suck." No success yet on the job front.
I'm doing laundry. Somewhat satisfying but not really thrilling.
I am happy that my 8am statistics class is canceled tomorrow. I get to sleep in and even better my day will be statistics free.
So I'm having a bit of a crisis regarding my chosen career path. I feel that I was completely misled about the great usefulness of a liberal arts education. Assuming I graduate with a BA in psychology, unless I go on to get a PhD, my 80,000$ degree will be approximately useless in the job market. Unfortunately PhD programs for psychology average a 2% acceptance rate. Even if I work my ass off there's every chance that I won't get accepted into a graduate program. It is therefore prudent to have a plan for that eventuality. Unfortunately I can't think of one. I haven't heard of any entry level jobs with my degree that will even pay for my student loans. So I'm looking into second majors. The two that would pay decently which are offered at my proud liberal arts college are: Business and Nursing. I don't want to do either. So the I'm left with the choice to either switch schools in search of a marketable major or finish my useless degree and then go on to a new one. Neither of these options please me.

posted by Rachel 4/1/2001
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