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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Thursday, July 12, 2001
Home again home again... Life sucks.
The trip was ok but everything has been downhill since.
On the flight back Benno and I were supposed to have an aisle and window seat with no one between us. We got on the plane and found that there were not one but two people between us. A mother and on her lap a 2 year old who screamed the entire flight.
We got home and ran to the store to get some pop since the fridge was empty. Somewhere in the course of a 5 minute trip inside Benno's car keys disappeared. So we had to walk home and get the spare.
This morning Benno checked his email and found a message sent on the day we left. It was Qwest rescinding their job offer. It seems they overlooked and internal union candidate who was going to be laid off and so the union said they had to hire him instead. Tomorrow would have been Benno's last day at Target. When he called his boss to see if he could take back his two week notice he got a disgruntled "I'm not sure."
In addition both his student loans have double charged him in the past two weeks and so now he has to wait 10 days to get checks of much-needed money back.
I mailed a payment to a credit card with a 33 cent stamp and so it came back to me and now the payment is 30 days past due. But to make matters worse they called my mother. I have no idea how they got my mothers number but they called her looking for me.
Lets see what else this shitty day has in store.

posted by Rachel 7/12/2001
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