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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Friday, September 14, 2001
I don't identify myself as Republican and I don't think of myself as a Conservative but I have a good deal of contempt for a majority of Liberal/Democrat idiots. The events of the past week have unfortunately only strengthened those feelings. Two democratic congressfolk from Massachussets are saying Bush is a coward because he didn't come straight back to DC on tuesday. Yeah! I know, lets make the White House, The Capitol, AND the President sitting ducks. Then there's the California Democrat who cast the sole dissenting vote against granting Bush military power to retaliate. Her rationale: Violence will not prevent further terrorist attacks. This past week I have felt increasingly frustrated with the stupid liberal girls who have absorbed non-violence without managing to pick up any critical thinking skills. They giggle, tilt their heads, and say: "What are we going to accomplish by killing more people, y'know?" All of my psych proffessors felt the need to point out that we have definitive data showing that violence begets violence. They neglected to mention that this data all deals with inter-personal violence or that they cannot thereby account for any war ever ending. The ivory tower is full of morons. Violence may beget violence but we didn't initiate this. Non-action on our part will not prevent future attacks. History teaches us that appeasment does not work. People who hate us and all that we represent will not change their opinion if we DON'T retaliate. They hate us, we can't change that. They want to hurt us, we can't change that either. Nor can we change the fact that they have hurt us more deeply than we have ever been hurt before. What we can do is make the price of this and future terrorism so high that those with anything to lose will fear to support or aid madmen. How tragic that my peers are comparing so unfavorably to the young folk in 1941.
posted by Rachel 9/14/2001
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