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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Friday, October 19, 2001
Christie: My hair is reddish brown, light on the ends and dark at the roots, in other words multicolor.

It's the weekend!

I had my last day at Garden of Eden today. I'll miss it and my discount, but really they take their soap much too seriously for 7.50 an hour. Monday I start doing behavioral therapy with an autistic 4 year old. Should be interesting.

I still hate Benno's car. It smells like a crayon, makes weird noises and has no airbag.

posted by Rachel 10/19/2001
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In case anyone hasn't heard the saga of Benno's new car here it is: He found this car on Carsoup. It looked good. Ran a Carfax report. It looked good. Took it for a test drive. It was clean and smooth and in good shape. So he bought it. He was still driving my mom's group home van, so he took that and went to school leaving me to drive the new car home. First I got lost. I hate roads that are called one name going one direction and a different name going the other way. Did I mention this was in farmland/Prior Lake? So I'm lost and then the car breaks down. At a stoplight smoke or steam starts pouring out the back and from under the hood. Alarmed I tried to pull over. The car won't move. I can't find the hazard lights and I'm stuck in the middle lane of the highway. So I trot over to the the gas station and call AAA. I have to ask the guy in the gas station where the hell I am. I can't call Benno because he's at school and he has the directions back to the guy we bought the car from, as well as that guy's phone number. Tripple A says they're sending a tow truck and the guy in the gas station helps me get my car off the road. An hour and half later I'm still waiting for the tow truck I happen to look up and notice that the gas station guy had told me the wrong cross street and the tow truck had doubtless gone elsewhere. So I called again and gave the correct location. Then I had the car towed to Benno's friend Digger's garage in Roseville. A mere 43 miles. Then I had to call my mom to come pick me up. I got home just in time to leave for work. 5 hours spent hating that car. Had I but had a tire iron it wouldn't have survived. Did I mention I missed a test because of all this?

Fortunately it was just a bad hose and the guy he bought it from paid for the repair. I still hate the car.

posted by Rachel 10/19/2001
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