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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Friday, November 30, 2001
Tubbs and Christie: Call some of these folks
Minneapolis Housing Services, 250 S. 4th St., Room 110, Public Service Center, offers the following free services to Minneapolis residents:
A telephone hot line for information and referrals about rental housing. Call 612-673-3003.
Walk-in counseling.
Housing Service advocates can help prepare Minneapolis renters for Housing Court or make referrals to other agencies that provide legal services.

The Minnesota Tenants Union is located at 610 W. 28th St., Minneapolis, MN 55408. It provides information by phone or in person about tenants' rights and rental housing issues. Call 612-871-7485.

Home Line is a nonprofit organization providing free services to tenants primarily in Minneapolis. Services range from information and advice to legal representation in court. Home Line also helps tenants organize to deal collectively, especially in buildings threatened with conversion from subsidized to market rents. Call Home Line's tenant hot line at 612-728-5767.

Minnesota Multi Housing Association Hot Line This nonprofit organization of owners, developers and managers of multifamily housing can answer questions about tenants' and rental property owners' rights and responsibilities. Call the free hot line at 952-858-8222. The nonprofit sells leases and other forms for small fees.

posted by Rachel 11/30/2001
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Tubs and Christie about your stupid landlord:
You must notify him in writing of any problem (lack of hot water, problems with your bathroom, etc.) after 14 days if the problem is not satifactorily resolved you can file a rent escrow. You can't just stop paying rent (he could evict you) but if you go to the housing authority you can get forms and advice. (I think the threat of filing a rent escrow should be enough to get some action.)
Here's the actual
law which addresses loss of hot water.
posted by Rachel 11/30/2001
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