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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Sunday, April 14, 2002
Yet more evidence that Israel's opponents are sick. A man in Berlin dresses his five year old daughter as a suicide bomber for an anti-Israel protest.

On a different note, Israel's supreme court ruled that the military cannot bury the bodies from Jenin in mass graves. Sick that the military wanted to in the first place. However notice that Israel HAS a supreme court and that it protects the rights of people who aren't even citizens of Israel. Does anyone honestly believe that if the situation were reversed the Palestinians would do the same?
posted by Rachel 4/14/2002
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This is the culture of arab Islam. This is the atmosphere these people live in. These are state run media outlets. This is the attitude of the Palestinians and the rest of the arab world. They don't want land. They want to exterminate the jews.
Israel is not innocent. They have certainly committed terrible acts. But this is who they are up against.

This is what the PLO does to children. Those poor oppressed people.
Arafat's aide claims "Jews nailed Jesus to the cross!"
The Egyptian (gov't sponsored) science journal claims: Jews are deliberately spreading AIDS to Africa and Asia!

This was published in the Saudi Daily recently claiming that the Jews kidnap and murder gentile children in order to get their blood for religious ceremonies. (The original is no longer up as far as I can tell but this is the full text.)
Another link.
Netanyahu's opinion on the subject.
Oh look, the Nazis claimed the same thing.

A cartoon depicting Sharon beating children with a Swastika.
A cartoon: Sharon as a Monster
An article claiming that Israel is seeking "the final solution" against Palestine.

Saddam Hussein and the Saudi Royal Family send money to the families of suicide bombers. This isn't just between Israel and Palestine.

Arafat tried to smuggle 50 tons of weaponry into Palestine a few months ago.

Arafat was in possession of these in direct violation of the Oslo accords. He was also counterfeiting US dollars.

Israel claims it can prove that Arafat is directly linked with terrorists.They've posted these on the web. I'm inclined to believe they're genuine because if they're not it'll out real fast.

You can't look at this story and label Israel the bad guy. When militants conceal themselves among civilian populations they endanger those populations. This is why the rules of war state that militants should be uniformed. Terrorists do not abide by the rules of war therefore they are the ones who are to blame for civilian casualties. When terrorists use ambulances to transport explosives, ambulances will be stopped and people will suffer as a result. It is the terrorists who are responsible.
posted by Rachel 4/14/2002
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