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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2002
The massacre that wasn't
posted by Rachel 4/17/2002
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Update: I have half a new roof already! These guys are fast! They haven't started on the garage or the front porch yet. I guess it'll probably take all of tomorrow to get everything done. But they didn't have to redeck. Yay!
posted by Rachel 4/17/2002
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I woke up this morning at 8 to discover strange men standing on my roof with pitchforks. That's probably a once in a lifetime occurence. It was the stealth roofers, arrived unannounced to tear off my roof. It sounded like the sky was falling. Imagine 5 guys stomping around and banging pitchforks into the ceiling over your head. I relocated down to the couch but the whole house was shaking and banging. Finally I went and found the hearing protectors I wear while shooting. Then I napped.
I'm trying to figure out if they've decided they don't have to redeck the house. Old roofs have long boards instead of plywood under the shingles. The city in it's infinite wisdom, says that the gaps between can't be larger than 5/8". I think it looks fine, but some inspector has to say it's ok. I really hope he does because replacing the decking will cost an extra $4000 or so. They've been working since 8 and it's 2 now. I wouldn't think they'd put that much effort in if they were going to rip it off. Also, apparently our house is too small, ugly, or out of the way for them to put a lawn sign in. I was looking forward to telling them they couldn't and then they go and beat me to it.
Home improvement. What a pain in the ass.

posted by Rachel 4/17/2002
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"The Jewish faith is not an evil religion" Reads the headline in the Sun. They compare this headline to one they printed after 9-11 "Islam is not an evil religion." Bravo to the Sun for saying so, but jews don't historically run around killing people. Why this perception exists at all is beyond me.

"How would you feel as your family was threatened day after day by bombings in shops and restaurants?
Very frightened. That’s what.
But because of your Jewish faith you would feel something else, too.
You would feel alone, unloved — and hated around the world.
To be Jewish is to know what can happen when hatred comes your way.
To be Jewish is to understand that anti-Semitism can turn very quickly into something chilling.
To be Jewish is to have family ties — recent ties within one or two generations — to what happened here in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s: the Holocaust.
Nazi Germany together with far too many accomplices — some Ukrainian, some Italian, some French, ALL now in denial — set about murdering the entire Jewish population...

If you were Jewish chances are you would have treasured family pictures of family members who were lost in the camps.
Think about that. Think about the effect on the psyche. Think about the pressure Israeli voters therefore put on their leaders to defend them...

The rest of us would do well to try to understand the Jews.
They are not an evil people.
They are, frankly, just very scared people.
And history has shown they have good reason to be scared."
posted by Rachel 4/17/2002
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