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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
I should just post permanent links to Lileks. Seems like every other day he says something that I think everyone should hear. Today it's a simple summation of why the Palestinians are not brutally oppressed noble savages resisting in the only way available to them but rather a culture so dysfunctional and diseased that it's only possible redemption lies in utter defeat.

Israel is not guiltless. Never think that. However, they are a nuclear power. They have the capability to obliterate Palestine should they ever decide to do so. They have not. Even in the face of an enemy who deliberately shoots babies sleeping in cribs. Who intentionally targets civilians- children, women, and the elderly. Israel didn't raze Jenin. (remember Jenin? those "hundreds" dead? WHY didn't anyone learn?) They went house to house looking for the guilty at the expense of their own soldiers' lives. Compare this to a people who dress five-year-olds up in fake dynamite belts. To people who show three-year-olds on international TV denouncing the Jews as pigs and monkeys because "Allah says so." Even in the face of an enemy that has been intent on the destruction of the state of Israel and pushing all the Jews into the sea for decades, what has Israel done? They have displayed inhuman restraint.
Anyone who expresses sympathy for the Palestinian cause or condemnation of Israel reveals themselves to be ignorant. Either ignorant of the facts, or ignorant of basic human decency. If you are ignorant of the facts at this point you clearly don't care enough to look. If you think that hiding bombs in ambulances is ok then I fear the fact that you might vote in my country.
I haven't included links because if you don't recognize every reference then you probably don't care.
posted by Rachel 6/19/2002
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