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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
--Cornelius Tacitus (c. 116 A.D.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Look back. Empathize for just a minute. Put yourself in that situation. Suffocate and burn to death or fall 100 stories. What choice would you make? How would you feel. Around 200 people had that choice forced upon them. Not because of anything they had done. Not because of who they were. Because of where they worked. Because their death could be used as a symbol by their killers to make a point. They weren't a consideration to the terrorists except in terms of the terror that their deaths would inflict on the rest of us. Yes I am horrified. I am enraged. Nothing has changed. Look. Remember.
It wouldn't have given them one moment of pause had it been you.

posted by Rachel 9/10/2002
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VodkaPundit takes 'What it's all about' down to its essence:
"We can't go on letting barbarians kill our people. We can either wage and win this war in our enemies' lands and (eventually) hearts and minds, or we can simply defend ourselves at home.

If we fight and win, we carry American values past our shores, and liberate trampled lands. If we retreat behind our borders and play defense, then we'll lose our American values -- freedom, privacy, trade -- in the attempt to make ourselves safe.
As a nation, we could probably become safe and neutral as Switzerland -- just with a bigger, fascist Army, and strip searches to get into the Post Office. But as a people, we could never accept the retreat and humiliation.

We can fight them there, or fight ourselves here. The choice is that stark. The outcomes are that drastic. It comes down to oppressive homeland security, or bashing the bad guys until they cry uncle."

posted by Rachel 9/10/2002
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