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"So. Our ancestors clawed their way out of the caves, fought behemoths with their bare hands; survived earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, meteor showers and plagues, all so their descendents could sit on the road and wail."
- Pundita

Thursday, February 13, 2003
Oh I so need

posted by Rachel 2/13/2003
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Oh CRAP! When Japan is talking about their first
aggressive act in 50 years we are in DEEP shit.
A helpful timeline courtesy of the BBC:
16 Oct: US announces that N Korea has acknowledged secret nuclear programme
14 Nov: US halts oil shipments to N Korea
22 Dec: N Korea removes monitoring devices at Yongbyon nuclear plant
31 Dec: UN nuclear inspectors forced to leave North Korea
10 Jan: N Korea pulls out of anti-nuclear treaty
28 Jan: President Bush urges the "oppressive" N Korean regime to give up its nuclear ambitions
12 Feb: IAEA refers issue to Security Council

Gee it sure is silly to condemn North Korea isn't it?

posted by Rachel 2/13/2003
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Hmmm I'm on the same wavelength with
Moxie as well.
Note to self: Stock up on Tuna and 'Nip.

posted by Rachel 2/13/2003
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I'm on the same wavelength as
Lileks. As usual he says it better. I love the phrase "Bad Juju Box." I also realized that I've left something very important out of my own: Booze. Seriously, if the world ever goes shitty enough that I have to delve into my supplies, I want to be blitzed out of my mind. In fact it proably wouldn't be a bad idea to have an ounce in the box with the iodine supplements. Oh and Xanax and valium too.

posted by Rachel 2/13/2003
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Can you say "
Material Breach"? Look for France Germany Russia and China to insist that even though 183 is greater than 150, this is not, in fact, a violation.
This whole business is like ballet on the edge of a cliff. yeeeegh.

posted by Rachel 2/13/2003
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