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Thursday, March 27, 2003
Oh shit.
That is exactly what Africa doesn't need. On top of AIDS, civil-war, and famine, this could decimate the livestock. For a lot of poor people livestock is a kind of walking bank account. This may be like the stock market crash.

posted by Rachel 3/27/2003
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Oh that's a
bad bad thing. I heard mortality figures estimated as high as 1:25. Stupid Chinese collective farms breeding new flus.
(Humans don't get bird flu and birds don't get human flu but pigs can get both. So anytime you have all three species crammed together in unsanitary conditions -Chairman Mao's collective farms- you breed new nasty flu strains.)

posted by Rachel 3/27/2003
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A surprisingly funny
account of the first day of arguments in the Supreme Court sodomy case.
(A warning: don't assume that any of the questions asked reveal the actual personal opinions of the justices. They love to be contrary.)

posted by Rachel 3/27/2003
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Another Iraqi immigrant
"I AM half Iraqi and residing in Singapore, and I would like to inform all your readers that nine in 10 Iraqis welcome the American invasion of Iraq. The 1/10 are linked to Saddam Hussein's regime.

The invasion should be seen through the eyes of the Iraqi people. Whether there is war or no war, Iraqis are dying.

Allow me to recap Saddam's murderous 24 years in power....

To all those who are anti-war, I suggest that they go to Iraq and experience life in Saddam's Iraq.

They will soon change their view and understand why Iraqis await the day when they are rescued from the evil regime."

posted by Rachel 3/27/2003
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Ahh the
"BORDEAUX, France - Vandals in this southwest Bordeaux torched a replica of the Statue of Liberty and cracked the pedestal of a plaque honoring victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The crowned head of the 8-foot-tall statue was blackened by fire and its eyes were marked with red paint, apparently to symbolize tears of blood, an official at the mayor's office said."
Picture: Charred and bloody Liberty
Do they not think? 'I know we'll set the statue of liberty on fire and deface a memorial, that'll show 'em!'

posted by Rachel 3/27/2003
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