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Friday, April 11, 2003
Disgusting. Absolutely
"Speaking alongside German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at a conference, Putin said: "We always said that the regime of Saddam Hussein does not correspondent to democracy and human rights...but you can not solve such problems with military means."

Answering a conference participant, Putin, who was later to meet French President Jacques Chirac, said 80 percent of the world fell short of western democratic standards. "Do we go to war with all of them?" he asked ironically.

"If we weigh up what is good and what is bad in the results of this war -- it is positive that we have got rid of a tyrannical regime. But by what means? -- Losses, destruction and the deaths of people. This is a negative consequence," he said...

Schroeder said: "The main thing is that the order we have maintained in the world is due to the U.N. charter."

"The main thing is that the organization that can legitimize change is the United Nations," the German leader added."

The order maintainted in the world is due to the United States military. Without it the UN doesn't have any teeth.
It wasn't the UN who dealt with the Nazis and Communists and Slobodan Milosevic and hundreds of other similar situations.

What UN troops did.
"The United Nations must accept partial responsibility for the mass killings of Srebrenica in 1995 - Europe's worst massacres since World War II, according to a UN report.

An estimated 7,000 men and boys were slaughtered in the so-called UN ''safe area'' after the Bosnian Muslim town was overrun by Serbs.

In his report, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said ''safe areas'' should never be established again without credible means of defence...

"Not since the horrors of World War II had Europe witnessed massacres on this scale," Mr Annan added. "The tragedy of Srebrenica will haunt our history forever."...

Mr Annan said the UN was wrong to declare it would only use Nato air power against the Serbs as a last resort.

"The cardinal lesson of Srebrenica is that a deliberate and systematic attempt to terrorise, expel or murder an entire people must be met decisively with all necessary means, and with the political will to carry the policy through to its logical conclusion," he added...

Mr Annan said the fall of Srebrenica was ''shocking" because the enclave's inhabitants had believed the UN and Nato would ensure their safety.

Yet Serb forces ignored the Security Council, pushed aside the UN troops and overran Srebrenica with ease.

Mr Annan said military force should have been used to halt the killings.

"Many of the errors the United Nations made flowed from a single and no doubt well-intentioned effort: we tried to keep the peace and apply the rules of peacekeeping when there was no peace to keep," he added."

What the US military did.
"The fundamental mistake that was made occurred in 1991/1992, when the European Union said we’ll take care of this problem, and the United States said, fine, this is our first post Cold War problem, go ahead and take care of it. Well, Europeans and the United States were both equally wrong. The Europeans could not take care of it without American leadership, and the United States did have a vested interest in and an obligation to bring this war to an end. And when we finally did it in 14 extraordinarily intense weeks, combining diplomacy, political leadership by President Clinton, and NATO bombing, the results were the end of the war, although the peace that we forged at Dayton was far from perfect, but, nonetheless, as you and I have discussed on this program before, it is moving forward."

Hmmm this seems to be a pattern. Europe or the UN say that they'll handle whatever horror is unfolding. The US says go for it. Years pass. The US loses patience, bombs, and it's over in weeks. Though to our shame we didn't deal with Rwanda. (Another little French folly.) After all it was only half a million africans who were slaughtered. What's the rush?

posted by Rachel 4/11/2003
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Now emerging stories of Iraqi

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