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Monday, April 14, 2003
Stupid political decisions
part 1:
"Jeb vs. Hillary
With Republicans expecting President Bush to roll to reelection in 2004, their focus is fast turning to 2008 and whom the GOP will run against expected Democratic nominee Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, Whispers is told that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush looks strong. "If Jeb is in the mix" for the nomination, says a top GOP official, "it's his."

Stupid political decisions part 2:
"TONY Blair will use his huge popularity in the months after Gulf War II in a bid to axe the Pound and join the euro.
He is even prepared to SACK Chancellor Gordon Brown if he obstructs the move.

But, in an astonishing twist, the Prime Minister was ready to step aside and back Mr Brown to take over his job if he helps take Britain into the European single currency.

Mr Blair would stand down after winning a third election, leaving the way clear for Mr Brown to run for the Labour leadership."

Stupid political decisions part 3:
"The Bush administration is bucking the National Rifle Association and supporting a renewal of the assault weapons ban, set to expire just before the presidential election....

The assault weapons ban is considered a crown jewel by the gun-control movement, and even though its expiration is more than a year away it already is being watched closely.

The White House comment surprised those on both sides of the gun issue....

The 1994 bill made it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess certain semiautomatic weapons that discharge one shot for each pull of the trigger and automatically load a round of ammunition without being cocked. The prohibition is due to expire in September 2004."
That's the first time I've seen any news story explain what "semi-automatic" means. VG. Most people assume that semi-auto means full auto. Any handgun that's not a revolver is a semi-auto. "Assault weapon" is another never-defined scare term. (Hint: it doesn't mean automatic.) A rifle is considered an "assault weapon" if it can accept a detachable magazine, and possesses two or more of the following features:
* Folding or telescopic stock
* Pistol grip protruding conspicuously beneath the stock
* Bayonet mount
* Flash suppressor or threaded barrel
* Grenade launcher
None of those items make a rifle more dangerous. (You and I cannot have grenades so the launcher would be useless. People who are allowed to have grenades are the same folks who are allowed to have fully automatic weapons and are thus not really a concern.) If you've ever heard of someone outside of combat being attacked with a bayonet on the end of a rifle please tell me about it. The pistol grip thing makes no sense at all. The folding stock thing is supposed to make it hard for people to conceal a rifle like a sawed off shotgun but the problem is that there are already laws that address that issue through barrel length (sawed off shotguns are already illegal.) The only thing a flash suppressor would help with is sniping, and though we did have one very public incident with that last summer, you will not prevent sniper attacks unless you ban all rifles. Plenty of snipers have used guns without flash suppressors.

Stupid political decisions part 843,742...:
"This year Senator Biden (D-DE) railroaded controversial legislation through Congress that threatens your free speech, right to dance and peacefully assemble and that threatens innocent business owners. On April 10, 2003, both houses of Congress passed The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the “RAVE Act”), which was attached to the AMBER Alert bill. The “RAVE Act” legislation was introduced in a conference committee as an attachment to Senate bill 151, widely referred to as the AMBER Alert bill, legislation about child abduction that has nothing to do with drug policy issues. The “RAVE” Act, in contrast, has not passed a single committee this year. In addition, it was so controversial when it was introduced last year that two Senators withdrew their sponsorship. The “RAVE” Act makes it easier for the federal government to prosecute innocent business owners for the drug offenses of their customers – even if they take steps to stop such activity!

Sadly, a Senate and House Conference Committee agreed to attach the "RAVE Act" to the Amber Alert conference report despite the fact that the "RAVE" Act did not have a public hearing, debate or a vote this year. It is important to note due to overwhelming opposition to the "RAVE Act" legislators were forced to remove some of the most egregious language before it passed. For example, the word “rave” was removed from the version of the bill that passed. Eliminating such blatant discrimination is a victory for our continued freedom of speech. Also, the original bill suggested that prosecutors should view the sale of water and the presence of glowsticks or massage oil as evidence of drug use. These ludicrous "findings" were completely removed thanks to activists who sent nearly 30,000 faxes this year alone to their Senators urging them not to support such dangerous legislation.

This legislation must be signed by President Bush before becoming law."
Yeah let's give them even broader unspecified snooping authority, the new authority we gave them to hunt down terrorists seems to be going so well.

posted by Rachel 4/14/2003
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