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Thursday, May 01, 2003
that'll make you think. I love Orson Scott Card.
"If this great experiment in liberation that we've performed goes according to our best hopes, we will have created the first Arab nation that has a decent chance of uniting the Arab world under one leadership.

Why? Because the democratic Iraqi government will be so popular with the Arab street that the terrified dictators and authoritarians and oligarchies and monarchies in the other countries will have to bend and bend and bend to the Iraqi will. They will have to fall in line or risk revolution.

In fact, some of them probably will be toppled by revolutions. And the new governments will at least pretend to be as democratic as Iraq.

Armies led by such a government will promote officers, not because of their loyalty to a particular dictator, but because of their talents and their commitment to the constitution of Iraq. You know, the way it generally works in western democracy.

Not every officer thus promoted will be any good, but enough of them will be that when the new Iraqi Army goes into the field, there'll be none of this surrendering nonsense.

They will have gone to war because their people want to fight. Their soldiers will be fighting, not for a hideous dictator who murders and terrifies his people, but for a cause believed in by their families. These soldiers will not be fighting just to stay alive until they can slip back into the general population.

They'll be fighting to win.
Because once democracy takes hold in Iraq, no foreign army will ever pass easily through that land again. Not even ours."

posted by Rachel 5/01/2003
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