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Saturday, May 24, 2003
Ah finally... The weekend. A break. Whew.

I'm being forced to relax by the empty wallet produced by a $600 vet bill. The good news is that I get to sit and enjoy this respite with my happy healthy naughty little kitten. He's up and bouncing around, clawing the furniture, and tormenting the other cats. Relief. He goes in for the pre-surgery evaluation on June 5th. If they find out that they can do it they'll schedule the surgery for the next day. Everybody cross your fingers.

Meanwhile I have to get a tax ID number from the IRS but it's a holiday weekend. All the other stuff I need to do is likewise on hold beause everybody's out of town. Hmph.

On Sunday my mom and I are heading up to finish emptying Grandpa's house. It tells you something that the two newest family members are the ones who can be bothered to go deal with this. We're going to dig up a bunch of his perennials and bring them back with us. Somehow that seems so much more final than getting rid of the furniture and emptying the closets. He must really be gone because the garden is unwatered and overgrown with weeds. Sigh.

posted by Rachel 5/24/2003
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