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Monday, June 02, 2003
The end is nigh.
This is the third sign. What the hell is wrong with this generation?!?
"Pabst Blue Ribbon is cool because it never has been.

Just like garage rock, T-shirts from the Goodwill and mesh-back baseball caps, the anti-hip has become hip.

PBR - the "classic" inexpensive beer - is riding the wave of nouveau-grunge style where the ultimate sign of cool is not trying to be cool, according to everyone from New York Times style watchers to area bartenders.

There's more to Pabst Blue Ribbon than just a golden bubbly glass. It's an entire aesthetic movement that, conveniently, you can re-create in your living room.

Listen to: The White Stripes' Elephant, Johnny Cash's American IV: The Man Comes Around, or the Clash's London Calling.

Wear: Jeans with holes or unidentified stains, mesh-back baseball cap and your oldest concert T-shirt.

Watch: MTV2 (but mock anything too pretentious), home videos of you and your friends testing your extreme-sports skills in the back yard, or a rental copy of SoCal skater movie Dogtown and Z-Boys.

Eat: Pork rinds, pretzels or sushi - it depends why you're drinking.

The PBR trend started in Portland at the end of 2000 among indie rockers, skateboarders and snowboarders. Now it's so cool that at Mickey's Hangover, a popular Scottsdale hangout, the beer goes for a whopping $4. (At a liquor store, a 12-pack typically sells for about $6.)"

posted by Rachel 6/02/2003
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