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Sunday, June 22, 2003
I don't know how I missed
this before. I guess you'd call me a South Park Republican then.
The answer could very well be the "South Park Republicans." The name stems from the primetime cartoon "South Park" that clearly demonstrates the contrast within the party. The show is widely condemned by some moralists, including members of the Christian right. Yet in spite of its coarse language and base humor, the show persuasively communicates the Republican position on many issues, including hate crime legislation ("a savage hypocrisy"), radical environmentalism, and rampant litigation by ambitious trial lawyers. In one episode, industrious gnomes pick apart myopic anti-corporate rhetoric and teach the main characters about the benefits of capitalism.

South Park Republicans are true Republicans, though they do not look or act like Pat Robertson. They believe in liberty, not conformity. They can enjoy watching The Sopranos even if they are New Jersey Italians. They can appreciate the tight abs of Britney Spears or Brad Pitt without worrying about the nation's decaying moral fiber. They strongly believe in liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. However, they do not live by the edicts of political correctness.

The South Park Republicans are an incredibly diverse group encompassing a variety of nontraditional conservatives, such as the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bruce Willis supported Republicans because of their commitment to lower taxes and fiscal discipline. Rap artist and movie actor LL Cool J recently endorsed NY governor George Pataki.
The South Park Republicans are not new, though they may now be more vocal. The party finally seems willing to embrace members that listen to the hard rock and rap music long denounced by the old guard. Heck, even vegetarians are welcome.

The media generally misrepresents Republicans as religious rich white males. This is patently false. Half of the voting public is Republican. They watch R rated movies, enjoy a few drinks at happy hour, and even go to the occasional Wrestlemania. Hopefully, the South Park Republicans will shatter the unfair stereotype and set the record straight. As Cartman would say, "That would be pretty sweet."
Though I'm not fond of labeling myself or anyone else I do have to say that I've voted republican more often than not. I'm also not at all fond of other people labeling anyone. You can see the perception of republicans that this article mentions in the recent treatment of Dennis Miller.

This article does a good job articulating the increasingly shrill hysteria that people seem to be suffering. (read the whole thing) I'll agree that Rush and Pat are assholes. I'll immediately distance myself from whatever stupid thing they said this week, as will many republicans. (see Lott re: Thurmond's birthday party) I just last week pointed out Bill O'Reilly's increasing asshattedness. But I have not yet seen that sort of calm appraisal of the loony left by any democrat/ liberal. Granted, I'm not actively looking.
Perhaps the Democrats will regain their equanimity. Perhaps some eventual nominee will restore a temperate tone. The likeliest candidates--Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards, and Lieberman--are, after all, sensible men and professionally competent. But if the current Democratic tone remains unchanged, we could be on the verge of another sharp political shift toward the Republicans.

In 1976, 40 percent of Americans were registered Democrats and fewer than 20 percent were registered Republicans. During the Reagan era, those numbers moved, so that by 1989, 35 percent of Americans were registered Democrats and 30 percent were registered Republicans. During the Bush and Clinton years Democratic registration was basically flat and Republican registration dipped slightly to about 27 percent.

But over the past two years, Democratic registration has dropped to about 32 percent and Republican registration has risen back up to about 30 percent. These could be temporary gyrations. But it's also possible that we're on the verge of a historic moment, when Republican registration surpasses Democratic registration for the first time in the modern era.

For that to happen, the economy would probably have to rebound, the war on terror would have to continue without any major disasters, and the Republicans would have to have some further domestic legislative success, such as prescription drug benefits, to bring to the American voters. And most important, Democrats would have to remain as they are--unhappy, tone deaf, and over the top.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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Here you go. Another example of
living in a different world. Regarding Tax cuts:
Well, first of all, they were not efficient in terms of stimulating the kind of demand we need to move the economy back into a recovery mode, a strong recovery and a recovery that provides jobs. There are more effective ways of using the resources. Secondly, the tax cuts weren’t fair. I mean, the people that need the money and deserve the money are the people who are paying less, not the people who are paying more. I thought this country was founded on a principle of progressive taxation. In other words, it’s not only that the more you make, the more you give, but proportionately more because when you don’t have very much money, you need to spend it on the necessities of life. When you have more money, you have room for the luxuries and you should—one of the luxuries and one of the privileges we enjoy is living in this great country.
I don't recall this country being founded upon the principals of socialism. You can argue that it's a better way of doing things but you sure as hell can't argue that it's one of our founding traditions. He's also in favor of the U of Michigan's affirmitive action plan (currently up before the SCOTUS.) And he wants to be president.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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Democrats running for president said Sunday if elected they would promote affirmative action even if the Supreme Court rules against policies that help minorities in college admissions.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule any day whether affirmative action programs at the University of Michigan are constitutional, and the case was a main topic of discussion at a Democratic presidential forum sponsored by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

"When I'm president, we'll have executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day," said Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich also made a pledge to put affirmative action into U.S. law.

President Bush opposes the University of Michigan's policies, and several candidates cited his position as a reason he should be voted out of office.

"We deserve a president of the United States who doesn't call fairness to minorities a special preference," said Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.

Kerry said he was committed to have people of color in positions of power in his administration and pointed to diversity in his campaign staff.

Al Sharpton responded that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a black man who may vote against the university's affirmative action program. He said Democrats shouldn't be talking about getting more blacks in high places, but getting the right blacks.

"If we doubt that, just look at Clarence Thomas," he said. "Clarence Thomas is my color, but he's not my kind."
There you go. Yet more senators who need to be sent back to remedial law school. And yet another reason Bush is likely to win.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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Not impressed with Blogger's new format.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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Oh for... The health puritans are at it
again. So we have cops who beat their wives and smoke crack and a cigarette is on the same level? Domestic abuse and illegal drug use are crimes. Smoking a cigarette is legal. Not to mention that it was off duty and off municipal property. This has nothing to do with inappropriate anything. Police and firefighters are apparently not allowed to make private personal decisions anymore. Asshats.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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I just finished reading the new Harry Potter book and I have to say, I think it's the best one yet. So good.

posted by Rachel 6/22/2003
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