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Saturday, July 26, 2003
And an
anodyne after all the nastiness of wading through the Strib.

posted by Rachel 7/26/2003
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More about that poor nurse. Thanks to the Strib publishing every scrap of information about her, I doubt she'll be able to work in Minnesota again. Bastards.
"The Minnesota Health Department determined that Doriott gave the terminally ill patients at North Memorial excessive doses of narcotics.

When asked if she considered her firing to be unfair, Resnick said: "I think that is right. I think it was unfair."

He reiterated assertions made earlier in the week that Doriott did nothing wrong at North Memorial and that she gave safe doses of narcotics.

"These were terminal patients. They died because they were disconnected from life support," he said.

The Health Department investigation did not allege that Doriott's actions resulted in death. Instead, it criticized her for giving doses that were not appropriate for the patients' needs and, in one case, giving medications without a doctor's authorization."
As the earlier story noted she gave patients doses of narcotics within prescribed limits. So she didn't kill anybody. She didn't give anybody a dose out of keeping with medical standards. But she gave terminal patients too much painkiller. For this she's been fired, investigated, and had her information made public?!? Assholes: each and every person involved. I certainly wouldn't want to be terminally ill in a Minnesota hospital after this object lesson. "Health professionals: you may not give dying people enough medication to ease their pain. If you do we will ruin your life."

posted by Rachel 7/26/2003
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