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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
I don't get
it. Why do heterosexual people care what gay people do in the sack? (or out of it?) Why does it matter? It doesn't affect straight people in any way I can think of except the overdreaded hitting on me situation. A simple "I'm flattered but straight." takes care of those situations. Gay people are just people. Treat people like people. I can't see why inserting tab A into slot B rather than slot A should make the slightest bit of difference to anyone but the individuals involved.

I suspect the backlash is a result of people having it "shoved in their faces," by all the media coverage. The discomfort and revulsion people feel regarding the homosexual act is probably the reason. "Just don't make me think about it," seems to be a comon reaction. I don't get that either. I find the though of 80 year old grandma and grandpa getting it on a lot more uncomfortable than the thought of two men, but I don't insist that it's wrong for them to do it. It's not wrong for two people who love each other to have sex.

Is being gay a choice? I don't believe so and the weight of scientific evidence supports that. Ok well if it's not a choice then you can't justify treating gay people any different than black people, or women, or white men. We don't do that. For heaven's sake what's all the fuss about?

posted by Rachel 7/29/2003
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