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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Yet another reason I love my Mac. People don't hardly ever write viruses for Macs.

posted by Rachel 8/12/2003
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50 Things to Do before you die
courtesy of

Slum through Europe
   Nope not yet.

Skydive solo without a static line
   Possibly not ever.

Drink your age in Jell-O shots
   I think that'd put me in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Own a classic convertible

Total said convertible, walk away, and laugh
   2 out of 3.

Buy a bottle of the real Absinthe
   Been wanting to since High School but it would require smuggling or travel to Spain and hasn't happened yet.

Pilot an airplane
   Not yet but someday.

Change careers
   Too young yet.

Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

Have sex in public without getting caught

Get caught
   Rather not thanks.

Do something regrettable in Vegas
   I intend to, but it's not the wedding.

Fail completely at something big
   Not yet (knock on wood.)

Succeed at something even bigger
   I've had successes, but I think I'll have to fail first for this one.

Make a pass at a clergyman or woman
   Eeeew. No.

Have kids and love them to death
   Not yet.

Change a stranger's flat tire
   Yup. It always amazes me that other women get out on the road without the
   slightest clue how to take care of themselves. Though I did have one friend
   who got a license without knowing how to put gas in the car and that was a

Join an improv comedy troupe
   Rather not.

Build a fort
   Many many many times.

Ride in a hot air balloon
   More than once.

Spend a day at a spa
   Yes and I'll be doing it again Saturday.

Sneak into a movie
   I wasn't ever that broke, and I've never felt the need for the thrill.

Have a drink thrown in your face
   No but someday I hope to do the throwing.

Jump in a river/lake/ocean fully dressed
   I've jumped into pools. Does that count?

Win over a hostile crowd
   Individuals yes, crowds no.

Spend a summer as a Renaissance Fair geek
   Got the clothes to prove it.

Drive from coast to coast
   Next summer maybe.

Laugh because it hurts
   Many many times.

Eat at a diner called "Mom's"

Look for buried treasure
   All I ever found was junk, but I've looked.

Learn how to paint
   In oil no less.

Comfort someone who is dying
   Many times.

Commit all seven deadly sins in one afternoon
   Note to self...

Take ballroom dance lessons
   No but I should, I have 3 left feet.

Smack Carson Daly with a brick
   Oh I wish.

Buy a $500 bottle of wine
   Not yet.

Drink a $500 bottle of wine
   One glass.

Roll down a hill of freshly-cut grass
   One of the better things in life.

As an adult
   Of course.

Pilfer office supplies
   Yes but not intentionally. I have subconscious pen kleptomania.

Get a pedicure

See a movie at a drive-in

Get a tattoo in the Philippines

50 over the posted limit
   Yup. No it did not in any way contribute to totaling the Mustang.

Do something gentlemanly for a hooker
   Not really applicable.

Eat all the green M&Ms
   And all the other colors too.

Abuse your authority
   Never maliciously.

Be subpoenaed by Congress
   Not yet.

Try for four in one night after age 30
   Still too young.

Sleep in until at least Tuesday
   More than once, and I don't regret a thing.

Seems I'm well on my way.

posted by Rachel 8/12/2003
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