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Sunday, August 24, 2003
Well we've now been married for a week. Still don't really feel any different. Feeling irritated at the baker and slightly apprehensive about the pig man. Hoping the weather stays just as it is. Benno promptly took off for Wisconsin the first weekend of our married life. So I'm sitting on the porch swilling wine, reading, and fighting with acrylic nails and the keyboard. Ed and Bacon continued their streak of generosity and delivered a window fan earlier this week. The porch is thus rendered the nicest lounging room in the house. I've resolved never to own a house without a porch.

The house next door is for sale, porch free alas. They're asking for a quarter of a million dollars. (I know that's not actually all that much these days but it still sounds thrilling to say it.) I hope they get it but I'd be shocked. I also hope they sell it to a responsible person. Perhaps the two will go hand in hand. Though with interest rates the way they are it seems like crazy JoeBob who makes his living collecting cans could get a mortgage.

posted by Rachel 8/24/2003
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