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Monday, October 20, 2003
So we got to see Mutti and John again this weekend. It was gorgeous up there. A lot of people came to the open house. I don't know how much stuff they usually sell but it seemed like people bought a lot. We painted and dusted and arranged and baked and sliced like crazy on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was more relaxed because everything was all set up.

The new outhouse is done and it's pretty darn fancy. John has plans for a space heater to make it useable in the winter but I have my doubts. It was real breezy on a nice 75 degree day. I'm not sure about a sub-zero blast to the nether regions.

Ben went for many rides on the lawn tractor and found several interesting rocks. We came home late Saturday night so he could go see the Vikings game on Sunday. They won. Meanwhile I stayed home and tried to get things squared away for the winter.

I feel like I should be hoarding nuts or something. I've never been so aware of the coming winter in years past.

posted by Rachel 10/20/2003
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Well it's a
bratty thing to do, but it does remind me of that episode of the Simpsons when all the teachers editions of the textbooks are stolen and Bart has to write: "I will not expose the ignorance of the faculty," on the blackboard.

What it boils down to is that this kid just showed us that all the money and time and frustration that's been put into airline security up till now has been wasted. Terrorists don't attack areas of strength they attack weakness. There are still more holes than cloth in the security apparatus. Yet I have to have my shoes x-rayed and be frisked every time I fly. To what end?

The indignity and violation that I suffer when I fly doesn't keep weapons off planes. Two years and dozens of similar embarrassing lapses later and they still can't keep weapons off planes. It isn't possible within the necessary parameters. You can't have timely, cost-effective, transit for millions of people and have it be secure. There's that old saying "Every time they make something idiot-proof, along comes a better idiot." Terrorists can devote every minute of every day to trying to get through our security. They only have to be lucky once. We have to be lucky every time. How much time effort and money do we want to put into pursuing that goal?

Yeah, that kid got box cutters onto those planes. Do you really think he could have hijacked those planes with them? No. Why? Because the necessary security is already in place and has been since September 11th 2001. Attitude. The passengers and the crew won't let it happen that way again. Hijacking is no longer a viable method of terrorism. Destroying planes is a whole different ball game and unfortunately our security in that area is even more dismal. So why the hell are we still fighting the last war instead of the next one?

posted by Rachel 10/20/2003
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