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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Perhaps it's not entirely the politicians. Perhaps
journalists are just as much to blame for the public's misunderstandings.

posted by Rachel 11/25/2003
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Here's a
hopeful note. (Look past the headline.) That guy sounds like he might just be a fabulous leader. If he ever gets out of jail.

posted by Rachel 11/25/2003
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Note to democrats liberals and all those who want Bush out of office: with
friends like these you don't need a "vast right-wing conspiracy." The paper in San Francisco asked if it was wrong to root for the Iraqis. One of the responses:
Laurel Eby, San Jose
"I'm definitely torn, because I obviously don't want any more of our soldiers getting killed, but I also wouldn't mind the quagmire going on just long enough to ruin Bush's re-election chances."
I am reminded of the old adage "Be careful who you choose for an enemy for that is who you will become most like." Or as this guy puts it:
There it is. One might rephrase Eby’s response to something along the lines of “I hate Bush so much that I wouldn’t mind having a few soldiers a day die in Iraq for a while to get him out of office.”
Yes yes, I know it's only one reader. And the paper with the gall to even ask the question is of course located in California (the same folks who gave us John Walker Lind) but the fact that such sentiments exist within the democratic party will not win hearts or votes.

posted by Rachel 11/25/2003
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