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Friday, December 12, 2003
So Jury Duty sucked donkey ass. I had to go and sit and read magazines all day, while taking 2 hour lunches and shopping downtown.

So after doing this for 3 days I finally thought I was going to be done. The little jury clerk man said that there was only one courtroom left and they had only one case left. So I'm thinking I get to go home since this happened every other day and we got to leave.

No. I get called up to the courtroom. Then I get to sit up in the jury box while the judges and attorneys ask questions. This goes on all morning. So they finally finish with the woman next to me.

I'm sitting there wondering if I should try to get booted or if I should suck it up and do my civic duty. The case was felony assault with a deadly weapon. Now the one area of Minnesota law that I'm thoroughly conversant with is weapons law. So I'm sure that the defense isn't going to want me on the jury for a domestic assault. But none of the questions would have brought that out. So I'm sitting there trying to decide if I should speak up and save myself or if I should welcome another week (at least) of jury duty.


After they finished asking questions of the lady next to me the judge called a break. When we got back in the lawyers and the clerk were runing around and passing notes. Turns out that one of the witnesses had just arrived and the state was dropping the charges. (It was the wife/girlfriend/baby-mama who recanted her story of being threatened with a knife.) Such a rewarding experience is jury duty.

The moral of the story for you future courtroom folks is: ask the jurors what organizations they belong to. It'll tell you a lot.

Thank God I won't have to do that again for several years.

posted by Rachel 12/12/2003
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Today I say so long to a good friend. Goodbye Steve. I'll miss you.

posted by Rachel 12/12/2003
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