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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Lileks is on a roll today. On
"But I ramble. Point is, Janet -- "Miss Jackson," if you're nasty -- unholstered 50 percent of her bosom, and now the nation is debating whether it was intentional or an accident, and whether Super Bowls of the future will feature enthusiastic deployment of previously shielded body parts.


Remember after 9/11, when we wondered whether we'd ever get back to feeling normal?

I think the answer is "yes."
On winter:
"Winter has sounds defined by the absence of other sounds; its a season of silence. I just went outside to finish the cigar. Up the street: the blade of a shovel crunching into a snowbank. In the distance: the beeping of a salt-spreader backing up. Then nothing. Scarves of smoke from all the chimneys. The hill glistens in the light of the streetlamps. February is grim business, dont get me wrong; were past the great thirty-one-day bulk of January, but the miserable fickle month of March is down the road, tapping its cudgel in its palm. February is four solid weeks of snow and cold. Its all bones with slush for gristle. When the sun comes out its either a taunt or an apology. If this weather had hit in March, wed all be grouchy. If it had hit in April wed be reaching for the razor and drawing dotted lines on our wrists. First week of February? We can do that. Were happy to rise to the challenge, frankly; so many winters lately have been pallid shades of winters we knew, and since so much of the Minnesota psyche is grounded in blizzards and deprivation, its good that we have the chance to show we can still take it. I walked Jasper tonight through sidewalks unplowed, drifts, banks, alleys, and he loved it: dogs love snow. Dogs get to leap. They get in touch with their inner wolf. And I remember every other winter that came, bore down hard, did its worst, and left in shame when the flowers threaded up on schedule.

Why do I live here? Not because I love the snow. Just because I need it. Go figure."

posted by Rachel 2/03/2004
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The BBC Lied, Dr. Kelly Died

posted by Rachel 2/03/2004
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again. Buckle up guys. The run up to the election is the most politically opportune time for more terror, (and not limited to al qaida.)

posted by Rachel 2/03/2004
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