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Saturday, February 07, 2004
NOT COOL AT ALL! There better be a lawsuit over this.

posted by Rachel 2/07/2004
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Your tax dollars
at work.
"Airport cameras captured it all: On a busy morning at Los Angeles International Airport last month, a convicted felon wearing a sweatshirt, sunglasses and gloves strolled unnoticed past two security checkpoints in Terminal 5 and walked onto a jumbo jet without a ticket.

Kareem Thomas, a 19-year-old Decatur, Ga., resident on probation for burglary, was discovered hiding in an airplane restroom by passengers and was apprehended by police before takeoff."
Allow me to reiterate a point I've made before. All the billions of dollars, all the time, all the people, all the tiny little violations of your privacy and civil liberties, all of that has been completely pointless, because the people we're paying to x-ray our shoes still can't keep bad guys or weapons off planes. No arguments. No excuses. This man didn't even have a ticket. This wasn't a clever terrorist, or even an average terrorist. The college students who planted the weapons weren't remarkable in any way either.

So billions of dollars of our money is being spent on shit that inconveniences us and violates the our rights, yet accomplishes nothing. Keep this in mind the next time government promises to fix a problem. It's always the passengers, -the people on the scene-, not the trained professionals, who save the day. So why employ those professionals at all? Oh yeah, they're the government. You're not allowed to say no.

posted by Rachel 2/07/2004
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