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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
So billions, let me repeat billions, of dollars from the "Oil for food" program went into the pockets of
politicians who turned around and lobbied to have the sanctions dropped because they were killing the poor Iraqi babies? Those people knew where that money came from. They literally stole from the mouths of the Iraqi people and then turned around and shamed the rest of the world for the plight of those same people.

Then those same people opposed the war to overthrow Saddam. They accused their political opponents of the worst kinds of crimes, when all the while they were lining their own pockets with money taken from the UN program that was supposed to benefit the very same people they accused us of starving.

I cannot believe that they haven't been lynched by Iraqi expatriates.

I cannot believe that this hasn't gotten the same air time as the Lewinski/ Condit/ OJ/ Watergate/ National Guard service scandals.

I would also point out that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. I gleefully anticipate the further unmasking of those who were financially and politically complicit in crimes against humanity, though I hold little hope that they'll get what they deserve.

posted by Rachel 2/17/2004
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