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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
So this is the new standard for election behavior? The presumptive democratic nominee believes that our current president is
lying and crooked. His wife believes they're asses and evil. Nothing new there. What is new and very disturbing to me is how this is all actually being said in public.

These aren't private remarks. They've been spoken in front of reporters. What happened to standards of polite (or at least civil) debate? Kerry is still in the senate. What if something happens that requires the president and the senate to actually work together? I certainly can't imagine saying any of this publicly about my colleagues. He's burning a lot of bridges that he might well have to rely on if he gets elected or not. This isn't simple lack of discretion, it's stupidity. Grow up and talk about the issues.

posted by Rachel 3/10/2004
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Well nearly a year later and the streets are not running red with blood. The BCA has published their
2003 concealed carry permit data. Surprise! Statewide in 2003, out of a group of over 15,000 people only 2 of them misbehaved. 2 permits were suspended and 8 were revoked. (Revocation can be for various things like being admitted to a chemical dependency program.)
"The number of convictions and types of crimes committed since the previous submission, and in total, by individuals with permits including data as to whether a firearm lawfully carried solely by virtue of a permit was actually used in furtherance of the crime: 2."
And only one of those used the pistol.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Department received 893 more applications this year than last year. Hennepin had 2152 more than last year.

This illustrates two things. First, many fewer people wanted them than was first expected. Second, there really was disparity in how the permits were granted under the old discretionary system. The sheriffs that were open to concealed carry have had very little increase in application numbers. The sheriffs that were notorious for never granting permits are seeing the numbers increase markedly. (And I do mean notorious. Women who were stalked and shot at were denied permits on the grounds that they didn't have any reason to need one. Look it up.)

Most importantly it demonstrates that it's just not that big a deal. We all went to our sporting events and church services as blissfully unaware of our armed citizens as we had been before. (There were thousands of people out walking around with concealed weapons before the law changed.) It wasn't a problem before. It's not a problem now. And the law must now be applied equally.

Now find me any other group of 15,000 citizens in which only 3 were convicted of crimes during the past year. Law abiding gun owners are not a danger to society. Criminals don't obey laws.

AND the state made money on the whole deal.

posted by Rachel 3/10/2004
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