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Saturday, March 27, 2004
Oh priceless. Oh Good job Drudge.
"The party also formally opened a renovated, technology-packed $30 million headquarters that House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called "the temple" for political training, fundraising and the crafting of positions and strategy. The building features television and radio studios, expanded office space and a massive new 170-million-name computer database named "Demzilla."

It showed off the new tools for state party officials from around the nation. In briefings, the party put out the word that it will refocus its efforts on grass-roots politics, mounting a county-by-county campaign to avoid the kind of loss it suffered four years ago with Gore as its nominee.

Entering McAuliffe's new corner office, which is equipped as a TV studio, visitors walk over a doormat bearing a likeness of President Bush and the words, "Give Bush the Boot."
and Contrast. One is the LEADER of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The other used rape, torture, and chemical weapons as tools of repression against his own people. You'd expect that an intelligent person would see the similarity and refrain from such behavior out of simple self-respect if not the common decency to realize that wiping your feet on the face of the president of the United States is not perhaps a serious argument, but rather a juvenile gesture of someone so caught up in personal hatred that they can spare no time for self-reflection.

I repeat: the day that Bush wipes his feet on an image of anyone's face is the day I donate $100 to the humane society.

posted by Rachel 3/27/2004
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