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Monday, March 29, 2004
This subject is of personal interest to me. I've run into problems getting wheelchairs all sorts of places out in the community. I have no problem with basic accessibility requirements. New construction doors should be wide enough, seating for wheelchairs should be available, etc. Reasonable accomodations should be made for employees and customers. I do have a problem with requiring the majority to endanger or bankrupt itself in order to accomodate the minority.

I find it especially alarming that the ADA is being used to force employers to retain employees who are unable to do the job. It's hard enough for disabled folks to get jobs. You have no idea what goes into getting someone a job wrapping siverware in napkins, for example. So many people put so much time and effort into providing jobs for people who would otherwise be unemployable and this is how it's rewarded. This is the tragedy of the commons. Working, earning money, is such a crucial part of the self-esteem - the meaning - in these people's lives, and these yahoos took that away from them. The alternative is sitting at home sucking off the public teat. Which would you find more meaningful? Also, imagine knowing that you were only hired or retained because of your disability? How would that make you feel?

Let's respect everyone's dignity here and apply some rational standards.

posted by Rachel 3/29/2004
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