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Friday, April 02, 2004

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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Hallelujah! (scroll down to Crime and punishment.) This is exactly what I was talking about when I said that this showed the world the moral abyss that is the other side. This literally brings tears to my eyes.
"What happened in Fallujah yesterday, when foreigner contractors were killed and disfigured, was more than I could take. I felt extremely angry, disgusted frustrated and desperate. What was worse is that itís not the first time, nor do I feel it will be the last. There was nothing I could say to explain it, and in fact I donít want to, nor do I expect anyone to understand. However it made me think a lot trying to understand why such things happen and how to respond to them.

If I was living outside Iraq, I probably wouldnít bother this much and I would settle with saying that evil exists everywhere in the world and that we shouldnít generalize this, which is true, but since I live with evil next door, I canít satisfy with just concluding. I find myself forced to look for answers that may help to stop this madness and to put this country on the right track. Iím not stupid enough to think that I can do it alone, of course, but at least I can do my part, joining those who went there before me, and waiting for others to do the same.

Before going further, Iíd like to say that we still have to work our minds while we combat evil and should never surrender to anger alone. There are many criminals involved in this terrible crime on different levels. There are those who preformed the attack (the terrorists), there are those who disfigured and cut the bodies of the victims, (the savages) and there are those who cheered the process, (the disgusting potential criminals) and last but not least the Arab media who celebrated that horrible event and kept showing those scenes again and again. All these should be punished according to their crime.

Iím not going to bother myself with the reasons behind the crimes committed by the terrorists and the savages, and I think we all know the motives of the Arab media, which I have deleted from my list forever and will never watch again. Theyíre serving the terrorists goal by terrorizing both the coalition people and the Iraqis who cooperate with them and they want to create and promote hatred and distrust between the Arab Muslim world and the west, and discourage those who donít carry such hatred on either part, all in the favor of the dictators who finance them. These should not be dealt with as journalists; they are a disgrace to this honorable profession.

The only people that I think should be punished less severely are those kids and teenagers who were cheering that terrible act. These are just children who never heard a voice other than that of the mullahs and Saddamís propaganda, which is still working with no less efficiency, thanks to Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia. They probably havenít seen any place other than their poor miserable town. Still they should be taught a hard lesson.

The problem with many Iraqis is that they still donít understand the meaning of freedom, as some of them look at the present situation and the semi absence of punishment as an opportunity to do whatever they want, as was shown by the last riot in Basra lately (which I know that it was carried by a group of professional criminals who claim to be an Islamic Sheíat group, who are supported and financed from Iran in the obvious hope of starting a civil war or at least a considerable disturbance, and should be dealt with seriously). These people should be lectured about that and when this fails they should be forced to follow the law and respect human life and values. They should know that the absence of a sovereign government does not mean the absence of law.

The CPA should by now have distinguished Iraqis who are cooperative and willing to build a new Iraq, and those who are just not satisfied with them or just have some complains, from those who are (immune to reform) and they have dealt with the second group quite patiently and wisely and gained many allies. Now itís time to deal with the third group and this should be done firmly. We have the tapes that show the faces of most of those who took part in committing and celebrating that crime and Iíve heard that the CPA is already following them and I hope this will be done soon, but I must add that even those who were just cheering, should be arrested, sentenced to prison for a long period and that this should be shown on the Iraqi TV and all the media, so that the others, especially those who fear the terrorists should learn to fear the law if they canít respect it.

I for my part have decided, instead of cursing the darkness to light a candle that I know very well it may burn me and my family. Iíll report anyone I even suspect of cooperating or knowing something about the terrorists. And to those who might wonder why this should be a risk, I think the answer is that-despite the great improvement in their performance and ethics- thereís still a considerable number of corrupted members on the IP and even agents for the terrorists and one just wishes to be lucky not to contact the wrong guys, and even the CPA is not a very promising alternative, since they need hard solid evidence, which is quite good in natural circumstances, but unfortunately not available most of the time, and just for the record, this is not the first time I do this. I think they need to be more hard on those who are strongly suspected on committing or helping terrorist attacks, so that the people who turn them in will not fear their revenge once they are released, which happened many times. Iím not calling for violence like that of Saddamís, Iím calling for enforcement of law and justice and Iím ready to do my part. We are going through a very critical period and strict punishment should be applied to those who try to hinder the development or further disturb an already unstable situation.

Anyhow, my life and my familyís are not more precious than those of all the victims of terror, and Iíve already sent messages to the CPA of all the information I have about people I have strong suspicions about, and who are supposed to be my people and some of them are actually related to me or consider me a friend or a neighbor but simply I donít consider them so anymore, not until they denounce terrorist activities and stop cheering them as resistance, as my friends and my family are those who help me and the Iraqi people and whish the best for me and for Iraq. In case that will not work Iíll take the risk of going to the IP. The reason is why Iím doing this now and not before is because I donít have solid evidences and itís almost impossible to contact the coalition forces directly, but Iím also SICK of living with fear and Iím sick of getting, with all the good Iraqis and Muslims, the blame because of these terrorists and barbarians, because this only serves the terrorists plan, that is to block any way of communication and understanding between Muslims and others, and they use comments made by westerns in such times to show the other Muslims that hatred is eternal between them and all the others.

This is not between Isalmists and the west, not between Saddam loyalists and America this is between good and evil, light and darkness and I canít sit and watch or explain anymore. You can say, ďNuke MeccaĒ or ďnuke FallujahĒ and you can chose the Spanish governmentís attitude and submit to terror, or you can join us (Iraqis and coalition) in fighting dictatorship, terrorism and their-no less evil and damaging- propaganda machine. I call for serious measures upon such channels that provoke hatred and celebrate terror and show it as a heroic action. I say, "nukeí Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia, the terrorists and all dictators in the world. Itís either us or themĒ. The evil TV channels should be prevented from entering Iraq and spew their poisons into the minds of simple people. Theyíre more dangerous than the terrorists themselves and no rigid concepts such as Ďfreedom of speechí should stop us here. This is not journalism, its terror propaganda.

I don't think there's a need to change the coalition strategy in Iraq in a radical way, it's a very good one, but needs some fine adjustments. I think what should be done is that we go on with our plans to build a new free and democratic Iraq and show the people the benefits and beauty of freedom, but at the same time we should deal firmly with those who act only in response to hatred and fear and have no respect for any law or human values, in other words people who made it necessary that every country should have an efficient law system supported by a powerful police to make sure that law is respected and to punish, and even eliminate when itís necessary, those who donít fit in the society.

We have suffered enough to get our freedom, thanks to our friends who sacrificed much to achieve their peace and ours, and we canít turn back and we will never accept slavery again. No, better to die free than live as slaves for our fears.

By Ali."

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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(Link via Instapundit.)

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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"Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Now doctors say any bystander can recognize a stroke asking three simple questions:

* ask the individual to smile.
* ask him or her to raise both arms.
* ask the person to speak a simple sentence.

If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

After discovering that a group of nonmedical volunteers could identify facial weakness, arm weakness and speech problems, researchers urged the general public to learn the three questions."

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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this is certainly consistent with their past practice worldwide.
"The NBC News Investigative unit has obtained a planning memo, written by an al Qaida militant, that specifies which Americans and others to target in Iraq and worldwide. Below are excerpts from that memo.

Targets Inside Cities
Targets inside the cities are considered a sort of military diplomacy.† Normally, this kind of diplomacy is written with blood and decorated with body parts and the smell of guns.† It carries a political meaning that relates to the nature of the faithís struggle.† The intent is to send messages to different directions. Therefore, it is very important to choose accurate targets (similar to Al-Qaeda explosions).† One of the good examples is what four heroic brothers did with their successful choice of target. (Khaled Al-Saeed, Riyadh Al-Hajeri, Abdul Aziz Al-Muthem, Moslih Al-Shamrani).† God bless their souls.


Faith Targets
At the beginning of any Jihad military operation, it is not advisable to target religious places unless it is used for:
Missionaries in Islamic countries, where they try to convert Moslems to Christians such as what happened in Yemen and as what is going on in Iraq as well as well as what was going on in the land of the two Holy Mosques (Saudi Arabia) where they were distributing bibles to homes.† In this case hunting those people is good and we know who they are.Covert intelligence operations.† Any Moslem religious scholar who cooperates with the enemy.† Targeting those is glorified and makes them as symbols for Godís anger.Reverends, priests, rabbis and any religious personality that attack Islam or Moslems such as an American reverend that cursed the prophet, we hope to God that we will get his neck.† Also as what Mr. Sayed Nosair did when he killed Rabbi Kahana who cursed the prophet.Any (Jewish or Christian) personality that provides financial, military, or moral support against Moslems as with what happened with the crusades in the past.


Economic Targets
The purpose of these targets is to destabilize the situation and not allow the economic recovery such as hitting oil wells and pipelines that will scare foreign companies from working there and stealing Moslem treasures.† Another purpose is to have foreign investment withdrawn from local markets.† Some of the benefits of those operations are the effect it has on the economic powers like the one that had happened recently in Madrid where the whole European economy was affected.† Such attacks have dual economic effects on the crusaders, Jewish and renegade Islamic countries.†
These are practical examples:
1.† Targeting of Jewish and crusaderís investments in the Moslem lands.
2.† Targeting international companies.
3.† Targeting international economic consultants and experts.
4.† Targeting investments coming from enemy countries using either military methods such as the blowing up of American restaurants (franchises) or using political means such as boycotts.
5.† Targeting stolen natural resources from the Moslem lands such as the attack on the French oil tanker and Iraqi pipelines.† The leadership should decide the selection of such economic targets because it can choose the right time.
6.† Assassinating Jewish businessmen and teach lessons to those who cooperate with them, but after you warn them.† You only assassinate those who have been proven to deal with them.


Human Targets
We have to target Jews and Christians.† We have to let anybody that fights God, his prophet or the believers know that we will be killing them.† There should be no limits and no geographical borders.† Wee have to turn the land of the infidels into hell as they have done to the land of the Moslems.† Therefore, all the cells all over the world should not look to geographic borders but should try to make the infidel countries theaters of operations and get them busy with that and themselves. They have made the Moslem lands, experiment fields for their weapons and inventions, we must turn their places into hell and destruction and the sons of the Islamic nation are capable of that.
The primary targets should be Jews and Christians who have important status in the Islamic countries.† The purpose is not to allow them to settle in the lands of the Moslems.† Our advice is to start with unprotected soft targets and the individuals from countries that support the local renegades.
For example, In the Holy Land (Saudi Arabia), the primary target should be Americans, then the British.† In Iraq, the Americans first, in Afghanistan, the Americans first, and in Algiers, the French and in Indonesia the Australians and so on.
The importance of the targets should be as follows:
1.††Jews:† They are at different levels.† American and Israeli Jews first, the British Jews and then French Jews and so on.
2.††† Christians:
Their importance is as follows:


The Purpose for Human Targets
To stress the struggle of the faiths. Targeting Jews and Christians is a proof that it is a religious struggle.To show who the main enemy is.To get rid of the renegades and to purify the land and to use them as examples for others.To spread fear in enemy lines. This is a requirement from God as a Holy Koran says, ďVerse from the KoranĒ.To lift the morale of the Islamic nation.To destroy the image and stature of the targeted government.† Americaís nose was smeared in the soil after the attacks on New York and Washington.To obstruct political projects for the infidels and the renegades.† Italy decided not to send soldiers to Iraq after exploding Italians in Baghdad as well as the promise made by opponents of the Spanish Prime Minister to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq because of the Madrid explosions.Punishment for killing Moslems.† God says, "Punish them in the same way they punished you."
In this context, I think it's very important to remember this.

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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Kerry puts his foot in his mouth again. 'I know I'll
criticize the president on the economy the same day that they release new economic figures...' Dumbass. I'd also like to point out that the jobless rate is the same under Bush as it was under Clinton. And that none of these criticisms seem to take into account the tech-bubble burst recession (which started in March '01) and 9/11 both of which were out of anyone's influence as far as the economy goes.

And let's not even get started on how more jobs are outsourced to the US than are outsourced from the US. Or the irony of the democrats who criticized Bush for protectionism on the steel-tariff promising to engage in the same sort of protectionism.

I repeat, Dumbass.

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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April is
Autism Awareness Month. I don't think there's a ribbon unless you can find that puzzle pattern. My personal opinion? I don't think it's caused by vaccine per se. I think it's caused by environmental chemical exposure at just exactly the wrong stage of development, triggering latent predisposition. Similar to the baseball hitting a player's chest during the fraction of a second between heartbeats and sending him into defibrillation. I think it's on the rise because we're surrounding ourselves with nasty chemicals and our culture values geeks now.

There's a genetic component. Asperger's is also known as high-functioning autism. It's very common in the IT industry. Correlate the timeframe of the internet boom. Geeks found mates. Check out the incidence in Silicon Valley.

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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Aherrm... Is it just me or is
someone with top secret security clearance who is currently under a gag order for reasons of state secrets blabbing to the newspapers something that might raise an editorial eyebrow? Especially considering that she's not a whistleblower. She already gave her evidence to congress. And what a nasty end run aroung the gag order!
"Mrs Edmonds said that by using the word "we", Ms Rice told an "outrageous lie". She said: "Rice says 'we' not 'I'. That would include all people from the FBI, the CIA and DIA [Defence Intelligence Agency]. I am saying that is impossible."
Tom Clancy recognized the possibility of terrorists using planes as weapons years before the attacks. How dare she say we? It's not a question of if it was ever mentioned. It's a question of how credible it appeared at the time.

This is the stupidest kind of petty semantics. Ever heard of the royal we? Well people in high government office use something vaguely similar sometimes. When the president says 'we' do we assume that he's making a categorical assertion about every government agency department and employee?

Security and intelligence generate huge amounts of data every day. A flaw in the filtering mechanism is bad and should be fixed but it doesn't equate with a lie. There's no way to know from this information. The FBI had tapes that laid out the entire plot of the first WTC attacks for months. THEY KNEW! THEY LIED!
"It is impossible at this stage to verify Mrs Edmonds' claims. However, some senior US senators testified to her credibility in 2002 when she went public with separate allegations relating to alleged incompetence and corruption within the FBI's translation department."
Am I the only one who remembers when unverifiable hearsay was almost never printed? Am I the only one who remembers newspapers sitting on unverified stories because of the gravity of the charge? Lying under oath is a crime. So is violating a gag order.

So what is the intended purpose of this article? The reader can draw no meaningful conclusions from it because it's just the word of one person who broke the law.
It's interesting to note what she had to say about it earlier. Do you think that maybe just maybe that atmosphere had anything to do with the problem? In her own words:
"If there were, and are, persons within the language department that either intentionally prevented translation because of their agendas, or persons who were, and are, not qualified to properly translate, it is likely that terrorist communications prior to 9-11 were missed; and it is likely that current and future terrorist communications will likewise be missed," Edmonds wrote Justice's Inspector General Glenn A. Fine in a Jan. 5 letter. "I have alleged, and the FBI has confirmed (to Senate investigators), that there are in fact such persons in the language department."
We have a system that's failed seriously more than once. Let's get beyond this blame 3 people crap.

Though I wonder if it's not possible that she's being misrepresented here. It's also possible that she (justifiably?) holds a grudge. The article is damn vague and deliberately inflammatory. Of course if they presented the whole story people might realize that the entire system needs to be overhauled rather than simply changing the management. If you can't trust your instruments you're in big trouble. I think that's what all this shows most clearly. As we're fighting a war and worrying about nukes...

posted by Rachel 4/02/2004
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