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Sunday, April 04, 2004
Goal goal goal! Sometimes I'm almost motivated to add sound to this page. I do love the fact that if any billionaire had vowed his fortune to topple a Democrat it'd be wailing and gnashing of teeth on every front page. Evil corporate interests meddling in politics. Yadda yadda. But since it's for the correct moral good side it passes without much comment.

I gotta admit, I'm strongly tempted to donate this year. I've never done it before. But, just like I give money to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and the NRA, I may not entirely agree with their positions, but I think they're protecting something very important. Freedom.

Link via Instapundit who also links this excellent piece that should be required reading for protesters. Along with a reminder that the reason we left Saddam in power is because we went through the UN.

posted by Rachel 4/04/2004
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The free market at work. Ford, the people who brought you the assembly line and revolutionized the world several times before, now brings you
the ultimate car. 35-40mpg in the city, can run on ethanol, and can haul all your crap, with the performance of a V6, for only around $5,000 extra, AND it's not ugly! I think when the Jeep dies we'll look real hard at one of these babies.

Kinda puts the lie to all the WTO protest, Ralph Nader, "Evil Oil companies," we must mandate these things, idiots. See this is how capitalism works. There's a demand because people are worried about the environment, and gas prices, and middle east oil, but they don't want to give up performance or capacity. If you leave the producers alone, they will develop a product to meet the demand. I could kiss Ford.

posted by Rachel 4/04/2004
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Oh my. I'm not saying that the interpretation is correct, (certainly the author has made
his opinions known in the past,) but the basic facts covered here are verifiable and very suggestive.

These are our allies? It'll be really interesting to look back on this in 10 years.

If it turns out that the UN was used to delay us so that Saddam could hide WMD... I'm going to start advocating that we pull out of the UN, evict them, demolish the building, and salt the earth. Fuck this.

posted by Rachel 4/04/2004
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