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Friday, April 23, 2004
"Greater love hath no man than

As John Adams said so many years ago: "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain."

Freedom isn't free. Your freedom is purchased with the blood of decent honorable people who are willing to give up their lives to secure it. Be worthy. If anyone denigrates the sacrifices made by people like this in your presence, please slap them in the face.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-Thomas Jefferson

posted by Rachel 4/23/2004
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You know I was thinking something along
these lines recently. I was daydreaming about winning the lottery. I have no doubt that the day I came forward to claim the winnings I'd get a phone call from the college; even if I was in hiding they'd find me. Anyway... I was thinking about all the delicious ways I could say no. Most of them focused on shit like this.

I just recently uncovered an article review that I wrote, excoriating the article in question for being nearly 20 years old and for the most recent reference cited being from 1982. (This was the fall of 2002.) The article was on globalization and how evil corporate interests were drinking the blood of the third world. (I kid you not. That was an editorial cartoon presented in the article.) This article was presented in class as absolute fact. My reaction paper -pointing out the fact that it's hard to draw meaningful conclusions about the present based on something written two decades ago and that the cartoons somewhat damaged its credibility- earned me a B-. I won't even reproduce her comments. She was angry that I didn't buy the party line and froth about how evil big business is. My utterly substance-free reaction paper expressing my enjoyment of another book earned me an A. I learned my lesson. Contempt.

This was what I had to fight in gaining my education. This is why I wouldn't give that school a single cent despite the many good professors. This is why our population is so DUMB. That professor had a PhD (in economics) and was unable to address the fact that I wouldn't react to a situation 20 years old and had no means of reacting to the situation today because I had no idea what it was.

Don't even get me started on the Dean...

I did have some amazing teachers. Probably about 10% of the total number. I'd give them grants.

posted by Rachel 4/23/2004
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Good good
good. I'm glad they set the number high so that it will only be triggered by exceptional circumstances. I'm also glad they're publicizing it. It's both a deterrent and a reassurance. This is one issue that I'd support a constitutional amendment on. We need to tighten the rules up on the functioning of the government in this age of instant communication and mass murdering madmen.

I agree that 45 days may be a long time, but I do think that people should only serve in the house at the will of their constituents. I'd rather there was a plan in place for whoever is left standing to do what they need to do until the elections. Plus, you have to think about the aftermath of an event that kills off 100 of our leaders. It's going to be a bit before anyone knows what the hell is going on or feels up to campaigning. So the actual time period is closer to a month. I think this is a very good step.

posted by Rachel 4/23/2004
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Character. Look it up. I'm going to be pissed beyond pissed if John Kerry appropriates my dream car. It's contrary to everything he stands for.

posted by Rachel 4/23/2004
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Oh Lord. The end times are upon us. Repent.

I'm sorry, but doesn't
this invoke an image of thousands of Urkels across the land? Imagine what this would do to sales of suspenders and belts. Some enterprising young reporter should look into Rep. Derrick Shepherd's connections to big rubber.

posted by Rachel 4/23/2004
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