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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Ok here's a little trend I have to stomp on now for the benefit of any readers who find their way back here.

Oxygenated water is a bad idea. Oxygen bars are a stupid idea. Ozone generators are a bad idea. Ozone hot tub cleaners are a bad idea.

Oxygen is a corrosive agent. Breathing pure oxygen is possible for a few hours but prolonged exposure can lead to tissue damage. It oxidizes things. Iron oxide is also known as rust. How much money do people spend on anti-oxidants?

The reason that ozone helps cleanse the atmosphere is because it's a greedy little molecule and it binds with all kinds of things. Those free-radicals that scare people? Same thing. Ozone does bad things to living creatures.

Ozone will disinfect stuff, but it will also slowly dissolve stuff. None of the people who manufacture these gadgets mention that it should be treated like an air purifying bug bomb- leave the area with your pets and plants and wait for it to dissipate. If you're really worried about crap in your air, buy a plant. Though I do like the idea of flushing the HVAC system with a higher concentration of ozone once or twice a year to kill mold. You could maybe just disinfect the whole house once or twice a year if you carried everything living and oxide-sensitive outside. It's like lysol but once it disipates it's gone, which is nice.

posted by Rachel 10/13/2004
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I see that the election hoopla is failing to achieve my dismal expectations. New lows everytime I look. I can't even believe the commercials I'm seeing even on specialty cable channels. Sensory inundation ad nauseam.

I was happy to see that the Assault Weapons ban expired. For those unclear on the subject, it was legal but incredibly restricted for a private citizen to own a machine gun, before during and after, the AW ban. It's been that way since the 1930s. The assault weapons ban dealt only with semi-automatic guns, (1 trigger pull = 1 bullet.) The assault weapons ban covered: bayonets lugs (receptacles), folding stocks, flash suppressors (not silencers), grenade launchers (grenades were and still are separately illegal), and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The assault weapons ban was in effect when both the North Hollywood bank shootout and the shootings at Columbine high school occurred. Surprisingly enough, criminals and madmen were undeterred by the law. In 1990 prior to the ban on import and manufacturing, it was estimated that AWs were used in 3% of crime. In California where posession of assault weapons is banned, they're used in 3% of crime. Hmmm...

posted by Rachel 10/13/2004
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Well, we accepted an offer on our house. We still have to get through the FHA appraisal and cross our fingers that we make it to closing. It only took us a week to sell. Which is good, since it took about 3 months longer to get ready than I expected. Turns out, when you paint one surface, whatever adjoins it looks crappy, so you paint it and so on...

We had 15 showings in one week. We've had two showings since, though they knew we were sold pending inspection. 120% inflation in 5 years. Insanity man. The mental image of my greenhouse with a hot tub and lemon tree has kept me going through this madness.

I'm finally starting to decompress. We have a closing date scheduled and I can start to look to the next stage. Designing the house is also turning out to be fun. Though, I never thought I'd say that anything involving large amounts of physics geometry and trig was fun.

posted by Rachel 10/13/2004
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