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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Well our local Sinclair station KMWB 23 did NOT air
Without Honor last night. Both the cable and ReplayTV listings said that it would be on. Their own listing on their webpage said it'd be on at 9. Instead, they aired the regularly scheduled ElimaDate. The Sinclair press-release says it'll air on 10/22 at 7. The cable box agrees. The ReplayTV does not. The website listing is not functioning. We'll see.

posted by Rachel 10/21/2004
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fuel for my hope for a major libertarian swing in years to come. I've spoken to several people who told me that they were 'liberal' until 9/11 and then they started paying attention. I'm glad to see that, because I was paying attention before 9/11 and that's why I voted for Bush. I think that people voting on national security will make up a huge chunk on Nov. 2nd, but...

I also think that it will continue to be a much bigger deal in years to come because it's been so obviously crucial during the politically formative years of the same age group that: doesn't expect government handouts because we've been told all our lives that we have to pay in but we'll never cash out, and that has grown up with gays out of the closet and doesn't care, and that is probably the most info savvy generation yet birthed.

Which is why this is becoming more and more transparent to them, and the old guard just doesn't know what to do. Those who swallow the party line get their As and live happy little lives as the pets of washed up boomer hippy teachers and protesters. Those who look around begin to notice a startling disconnect. Why, it almost seems intentional.

I remember having an argument with my Middle Eastern prof. She was showing us some video about how hard it was to be on welfare. One of the women being interviewed had fresh acrylic nails (at least $20 a month to maintain,) and explained that she tithed 10% of her income (all of which was from government assistance.) The prof tried to dismiss that with saying that you could buy a bottle of nail polish for a dollar and maybe she just wanted some self-confidence for a job interview. The prof and 2 other students just refused to get the point that if a person is so unable to take care of their own needs that they must rely on me and my taxes to do so, year after year, they don't have the right to spend the money on luxuries and then demand more for the basics, because it's NOT HER MONEY she's spending. The rest of the class was trying to help me make my point but after about a minute we just sort of looked at each other and gave up. They couldn't get it, but everyone else did.

I hope that this leads to change as the younger folks move into the political sphere. I really hope that we have a good choice in 2008 or 2012. I'll say it right now, I won't vote for Hillary. I'm not happy with the prospect of voting for Bush twice. I want a real choice, not an echo.

I'm also wondering, if Bush gets reelected, will the democrats get serious or will they do like the republicans did for Clinton's second term and plunge off the deep end in a screaming thundering herd? I really am hoping for the former, because this? This is not a choice. I suppose I could hope for a gradual die off of the religious right and replacement with young libertarians within the republican party. But that's not healthy for the dialogue or the country.

posted by Rachel 10/21/2004
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