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Monday, November 01, 2004
Oh dear. The European Sickness appears to be
flaring up again.

I'd heard about this before but I thought it was still restricted to marginal goofballs. Germany feeling like a victim over WWII is enough to make me physically ill. That sort of 'poor us' mentality is what got the Nazis elected last time around you barbarians. You started the war.

There is something rotten at the heart of europe. I've met and interviewed survivors of the German resistance. Germans breathed human ash and called it snow. If they want to wear the victim mantle now then they must in justice wear the perpetrator identity as well. If the queen dares to apologize I'll have to find her picture to spit on.


posted by Rachel 11/01/2004
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No really?
"Sen. John Kerry has gotten the white-glove treatment from the press, garnering more praise from journalists than any other presidential candidate in the last quarter-century, according to a new analysis of almost 500 news stories released today by the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

"It's not just that John Kerry has gotten better press than President Bush before this election, he's gotten better press than anyone else since 1980. That's significant," said Bob Lichter, director of the D.C.-based nonpartisan research group.

"Kerry also got better press than anyone else in the days before the primaries as well," Mr. Lichter added.

In October alone, Mr. Kerry had a "record-breaking 77 percent positive press evaluations," compared with 34 percent positive for Mr. Bush, the study states.

Unprecedented, untrammeled accolades for Mr. Kerry were more than debate-related bounce, however. Since Labor Day, he also had a total of 58 percent positive stories, with just 36 percent for Mr. Bush.

Journalists seem particularly transfixed by the Democratic challenger this year: In the 2000 election, Mr. Bush and challenger Al Gore got equally lousy press, with each receiving evaluations that were about 2-to-1 negative.

But Mr. Bush didn't get the absolute worst press on record. With only 9 percent positive stories in 1984, President Reagan got the most negative treatment by news outlets on record, the study says.

Until this year, the record-holder for journalistic praise went to Walter Mondale, who accrued 56 percent positive press evaluations, also in 1984.

"Democrats get the breaks," the study states. "In the past seven elections since 1980, the Democratic candidate has gotten significantly better press in four of those elections."

Republicans fared better in the press than Democrats in only one race -- George H.W. Bush over Michael Dukakis in 1988. The two parties shared an equal amount of press condemnation in two elections -- Bush vs. Gore in 2000 and Jimmy Carter vs. Mr. Reagan in 1980.

The study examined 491 press evaluations of the two candidates in print and broadcast reports that appeared between Oct. 1 and Oct. 22. The group compared them with news stories in comparable time periods since 1980, gleaned from their own records and those maintained by George Washington University.

Others have similar findings. A separate study of more than 800 news stories released by the District-based Project for Excellence in Journalism last week found that Mr. Bush has been "battered" by the press this October, with 59 percent of his evaluations "clearly negative in nature."
Gosh I'm just so shocked.

posted by Rachel 11/01/2004
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Eeegh. If Kerry is elected and it does turn out that he was dishonorably discharged he might very well be constitutionally inelegible for the office. I really hope that's not the case because that would probably cause even more damage to the political process. That court battle would be so very hideous.

On the other hand, Ohio had a constitutionally inelegible elector and it was only due to the newspapers that it was caught and he was replaced before the election. I'd also add that most employers require former service members to sign form 180 as a condition of employment. Why should I consider hiring Kerry for the most important job on the ballot without it?

(I am in no way saying that I believe he was or wasn't. I have no way of knowing. But if it isn't a moot point on the 3rd this has the potential to get really ugly.)

posted by Rachel 11/01/2004
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Good God. If nothing else, at least we'll finally be able to watch TV again. Watching the news this morning the first commercial break was ALL campaign ads, 5 of them back to back. The next break was 3 ads trying to sell me something and 3 ads trying to scare me into voting for whoever. I'll be glad when this is finally over. If the court challenges take to the airwaves I'll seriously consider just dropping out of the human race altogether.

I've also got the handy whiffle bat ready for the first person to use the term disenfranchise. Dude, the people in Afghanistan did death purification rituals before heading out to the polls. Nothing the opposition can possibly do stacks up to threats of bombs and machine guns. If you have so much trouble voting, perhaps the fault doesn't lie with the system.

On the other hand, here's a hysterical
antidote to the hysteria.

posted by Rachel 11/01/2004
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