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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Well, there were a lot of people at the polls this morning. We went first thing just to be sure. There were probably 20 people in line when we got there 15 minutes before they opened. By the time we left there were probably 100 people in line.

It was way too early for any real enthusiasm. Though I did notice a seemingly inordinate number of dirty looks flying. The line moved fairly quickly but I was disgusted that one of the major holdups was an insufficient number of those ballot privacy folders. Good grief, you've only known this was going to be an insane election for how many months now?

Someone somewhere behind us in line was having gas issues. It seemed to fit the atmosphere of this campaign but it made standing in line for 20 minutes much less pleasant. There was a woman about my age directly in front of us, wearing a Kerry button. After a few minutes an older man in front of her noticed it and began supersciliously scolding her about it. "Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law." When I saw her walking out she had taken it off.

As we were walking out we saw that a MoveOn.org lady had set up a table on the sidewalk just outside the building. The lady tried to say something to us but I cut her off by asking "Isn't this electioneering?" She replied that she was 100 feet back. I was sorely tempted to run home for my tape measure and then call the cops, but it was before 8am and it was raining. I certainly hope that she's not actually able to sway anyone's vote at this point in the process.

Please God this is finished tomorrow. This is really starting to strain the bonds of restraint and civility. I'm hoping for minimal reports of fistfights today. Some days I just want to live in the town called Perfect of the Walgreens commercials.

Now I'm going to do what any sensible person would do on a day like this and curl up with a
cat. Phooey on cold november rain. And phooey on Pepsi Holiday Spice, bleah.

posted by Rachel 11/02/2004
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