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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
It appears that Bush won. I'm impressed that Kerry decided to concede. I certainly hope that both parties invest in some duct tape for the lunatic fringe.

I'm deeply disappointed that 11 states voted to ban gay marriage, but it should (hopefully,) eliminate any plausible argument for dicking with the US Constitution. The Republicans damn well better toe the line and leave it to the states. I have a whiffle bat and I will be watching. I'll be watching over Patriot II too.

I'm a bit disappointed that Alaska declined to legalize pot. Though from the sounds of it the bill they were pushing was probably way too permissive. (Though last time a bill that included reparations for previous convictions got 41%!) After seeing what happened to Vancouver I'm sure people are reluctant to invite huge numbers of marginal people into their community.

I'm glad California passed the stem cell funding. That will really help research and the issue was decided directly by the voters. So no bitching. Yay California.

It looks like people in DC might get to carry concealed too.

I'm very happy that the assault weapons ban will be left to rot. I'm very uneasy about the future of abortion rights. I hope that if enough people squawk loud enough we can herd both parties toward the middle.

I really really hope that the Dems give Terry 'wipe my feet on Bush's face' McAuliffe the boot along with all the other barking nutballs. Can we formulate a rational viable opposition now, guys? 'Cause 3 elections in a row? Every sector of government? Not healthy. The republicans aren't going to moderate themselves after this. You've lost your base. The democrats have to learn to speak to middle america without anger or condescension, and they need to learn fast. Here's a free tip: Don't nominate Hillary in '08, half the country already hates her. Here's another free tip: make peace with religion and guns. One of my favorite lines from the movie Practical Magic was "This is what comes from dabbling; I mean you can't practice witchcraft while you look down your nose at it." You can't win voters while you look down your nose at them and/or the beliefs they hold dear. Conspiracy theories and anger aren't going to do it.

This is just about
"Dear American Left,

I know why Bush won. I know why you lost. No, not just lost…were rejected. I know exactly why, and we’ll get to that in a minute. First, though, just let me say this: If you think that spewing hate and invective on me now is going to make your life improve in any way whatsoever, you are a bigger group of fools than anyone imagined. If you think calling me more names is going to get you what you want in this country, you are not just acting foolish, you are delusional and maybe your hatred is more than just a little self-oriented. The reason I say “I” here instead of “we” or “The GOP” is because I want you to understand something so basic, so fundamental that I am ashamed for you that I have to spell it out.

I am the Republican Party.

Oh, I may not be a majority of the party yet. I am strongly in favor of gay marriage and completely against most of the pro-life points of view (for reasons that transcend the circular discussion of when life begins). This makes me an outsider for the moment, not part of the mainstream of the GOP.

But my numbers are growing. And my age is a factor. You see, the old guard of the Republican party is quite literally dying, and we, the younger members, are moving up. It won’t be long before we are a majority influence and can turn the party back toward preserving the ideals of smaller government, less interference in both business and private life. I believe it is possible to embrace both traditional and progressive values. I do it every day. I believe that it is possible to hold our military up as the primary reason the federal government exists and still manage to protect the rights of two people who wish to legally share their lives, and I will work within my party to make that happen.

I am the Republican Party. Or more appropriately, I am the future of the Republican Party. And if you think keeping me on your side is worth anything, you might want to re-think the idea of calling me a bigot or a Nazi or spewing hatred at me. Your ideals were soundly rejected, and if you stopped whining long enough to ask, some of us can tell you why. Part of why you don’t know is the fact that you haven’t stopped whining in the last four years. The steady stream of hate, lies and vitriol from the American left has hardened the American right in ways you can’t begin to imagine. You tempered us. You forged us in the fire of your hate, and you made us stronger than we every could have without your steady litany of bile and complaint.

I’ll give you a perfect, shining example of why you lost. His name is Michael Moore."
This is also spot on.
"If you don't mind, I'd like to address the throngs of Chicken Littles who seem to be out in full force on the net today. I just want to clear up a few things, as you all seem to be pretty misguided in more than one area today.

I voted for George Bush.
I am not a redneck.
I do not spend my days watching cars race around a track, drinking cheap beer and slapping my woman on the ass.
I am not a bible thumper. In fact, I am an atheist.
I am not a homophobe.
I am educated beyond the fifth grade. In fact, I am college educated.
I am not stupid. Not by any stretch of facts.
I do not bomb abortion clinics.

You will not be thrown in jail for the sole reason of being a liberal.
Your child's public school will not suddenly turn into a center for Christian brainwashing.
Your favorite bookstore will not turn into puritan central.

This is not Nazi Germany in any way.
You will not be forced into concentration camps.
You will not be burned in human-sized ovens because of your religion.
We will not be forced to wear uniforms and march in line every day.
You will not live in fear.
If you think this is a country in which you have to live in fear, I have some friends in Iran who would like to have a little talk with you.

What does the (presumed) election of George Bush mean to you, as a member of the left? It means you and your party have four years to get yourselves together and figure out exactly what you stand for. It means you have a couple of years, max, to come up with a viable candidate who represents the majority of you and doesn't pander to every knock off group of your party. It means you have time to get your act together and decide once and for all what you stand for and produce a leader who will stand up for your ideals. It means you better find a candidate who is someone you can vote for with conscience, and not just vote for out of hatred for his opponent.

What did you all believe in this year? Hate? Anger? You ran your own campaign, one filled to the brim with bile and acidic spittle and you wonder why you feel so black today? You were pinning your hopes on the the wish that the rest of America harbored the same intense hatred as you and would vote with their clenched fists. Now that you are left without the hoped for victory party as an outlet for your rage, you have to direct it somewhere else. If not at the candidate, then at his voters, right? What I am seeing today makes me pity you, and it's a pity tinged with disgust and should not be mistaken for empathy."

posted by Rachel 11/03/2004
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