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Monday, November 22, 2004
Gah! ! !

posted by Rachel 11/22/2004
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Is it really so much to ask that members of congress
read the laws before they sign them? Most of these people are lawyers for heavens sake. They should know better. We have to obey these laws, that they cant be bothered to read. Why do we pay people to represent us if theyre going to do such a piss poor job? Is there really so much government business that there is no time for any review before we make laws that can land people in jail?!?

Wouldnt it be delicious to require that every bill to be passed be read aloud on the floor in its entirety, and that in order to vote on a bill one must be present for the reading? With the additional requirement that say 80% of the body be present to vote... It would sure cut down on pork.

Of course this is another good argument for a flat tax. 10% across the board with a standard deduction. No loopholes at all. Absolutely fair. AND it starves the lobbyists. That idea would do more to clean up the political process than shredding the constitution for McCain Feingold.

(And I will note that this article presents this as a new problem, it is not, this crap is amazingly bipartisan.)

posted by Rachel 11/22/2004
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