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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Well the deathmarch to end deathmarches is finally (partly) over. Other people are now living in our house and we're squatting in my parents living room surrounded by all our worldly goods, (except the 484 zillion pounds of crap in Grandmas barn, and Mutti's basement, and the storage unit...) After 48 hours with only 6 hours of sleep, we've finally found a minute to take a shower and pour champagne strait down our throats like cheap muscatel. A pizza is on the way, a new South Park is on, and all is much better than it's been for the last few weeks. Now we just get to move and arrange all the crap and build ourselves a room. Oish. I am sooo very tired. On the upside, tomorrow we get to gorge ourselves silly and rest.

If you're ever looking for a good realtor we can give you the name of ours. He's both a perfectionist and a saint. He brought his teenage son and friend to help us get the basement cleaned out. (We were running very late due to various mishaps.) His teenagers are actual pleasant civilized human beings, I was very impressed. Also on the list of candidates for sainthood is Crat who came over early in the morning and worked like a fieldhand to help us get the house emptied. This has been an ordeal but it would have been 1000 times worse without our fantabulous helpers.

posted by Rachel 11/24/2004
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