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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Bad shit is going down in Venezuela.

posted by Rachel 1/11/2005
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Back from Alaska. It was a balmy 40 degrees, though quite dark. Much alcohol was consumed and many hours were spent in the hot tub. In retrospect 2 weeks was too much nothing, but it was nice to be unable to do anything but relax. We're still in the process of settling in to the trailer. (Yes we are officially trailer trash.) It's not bad really. Though I'm convinced now that we'll find our perfect bit of land and it will already have a house on it and we'll have to move all over again the minute, the very minute, that we get unpacked and comfortably settled. Such is the residue of moving anxiety. I still can't find most of my belongings.

We bought a beautiful marshmallow squishy couch and loveseat before we left for Alaska. We measured, it would fit. They tried to deliver it. The loveseat fit but the couch was just barely too big. I can't believe this has happened twice. Both times I measured as instructed. Both times the actual dimensions of the furniture were just a little too big. So now we have a new loveseat and an old loveseat and no couch. I'm not sure how we're going to solve this one. Benno wants to take the window out and stuff it in that way. (We had to take the molding off the doors to get our last couch up the stairs at the house and the new owners inherited it for that reason.) We may end up with a chair and loveseat, but the couch was the reason we bought the set. Sigh.

We did finally get cable and a phone installed. The DSL is still waiting. Benno is extremely bereft at the lack of cable internet. We're both irritated that the local cable provider doesn't carry Comedy Central. What kind of cable is that? Though we have been instructed to write a request for same on our bill, as apparently that is the appropriate media with which to petition the programming gods.

In the meanwhile, I'm blogging from mom's on a brief supply run. I'm sure we'll get standard grocery lists worked out eventually. Most of the things we want and use are available up there. My favorite soaps and lotions are at the local co-op. The grocery store carries Nutella. Etc. etc. etc. However, a few things are either not available or I have yet to find them.

One inconvenient aspect of life as we find it is that planning ahead and buying in bulk is good practice but we're very limited on space. We haven't actually lost that much living space compared to the house, but I miss the basement storage. Of course, once we have land we'll be able to put up a garage if there's nothing already there. And the new house will be filled with closets...

posted by Rachel 1/11/2005
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