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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Congratulations to Iraq.

and also
"Oliver Willis’ hatred for the Bush Administration has now so completely permeated his flabby, pock-mottled mass that he refuses even today, after a 60% Iraqi voter turnout under the most threatening of conditions, to take time off from trying to delegitimize the push toward democracy in Iraq—preferring instead to begin publicizing his latest conspiracy theory, which (not at all surprisingly) posits that these widely-covered, heavily media-scrutinized elections are nothing more than a sophisticated “made-for-TV” bit of propaganda dreamed up by Karl Rove and the rest of the Republican Illuminati and pulled off by a technically savvy faction of rogue CIA agents who blindly worship Bill Kristol.

That’s right. Once again the ubiquitously evil and stupendously stupid Bushco regime has managed to pull off an election that on the surface looks legitimate, but is of course not legitimate at all. In fact, what we’ve all just witnessed is really nothing more than a sophisticated, high-tech hoax intended to dupe those Red State sheep too busy with church and Jeff Foxworthy DVDs to see through the fabricated weave of neocon lies that threaten the world more than any so-called terrorist violence ever could.

Left unanswered, as always, is not only HOW such a stupid regime could pull this off—but of course WHY, if they have such world-controlling superpowers, they wouldn’t just put those powers to work to ensure that the elections actually were “real” and fair.

But then, who can explain the motivations of pure evil?"

posted by Rachel 1/30/2005
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