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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Regardless of the fact that
this was done by, and with the permission of, various authorities, I'm fairly certain that this is a violation of several federal laws. Drug free school zones anyone? How on earth is the manufacture of a controlled substance in a school legal? How on earth is a process so dangerous that it requires haz-mat treatment acceptable in the public high school classroom? What would the reaction be if a high school chemistry teacher were to demonstrate "how" dynamite is made but not "how to". (The actual chemistry involved is pretty basic but it's so ridiculously dangerous that no one would entertain the idea.) "I think there's a big difference between 'how' it is manufactured and 'how to' manufacture it." Idiot. What the hell are these people thinking?

I have serious questions about the drug war and the tactics used by drug warriors, but... Meth is bad shit. As the hippies said waaay back when: Marijuanna makes you mellow, speed kills. Here's a tip: never consume anything that's come into contact with cleaning chemicals. No buzz is worth it. But when you squeeze the traditional drugs out of the picture, people will take up the drugs that they can produce cheaply anywhere. Marijuanna, opium, and coca are powerful drugs but they're not all that dangerous. Humans have been using all of them for thousands of years without the kind of problems that we're seeing today. Just as people brewed strong bathtub gin rather than wine during prohibition, prohibition has the effect of making drugs more dangerous, powerful, addictive, and physically damaging. I maintain that if people were able to grow a few pot plants in the backyard, much of the 'drug problem' would evaporate.

Someday our children will look back on this and be astounded. Imagine if Eliot Ness had demonstrated for children how a still was built and operated, but not 'how to' distill whiskey, as an exercise to warn them about the dangers of demon rum. The longer this goes on, and the more extreme lengths the drug war is taken to, the more difficult it will be to ever admit that this approach is a misguided failure. Meanwhile people will continue mixing things with nail polish remover and paint stripper to get a better more powerful rush. Is this a solution? Is this working?

posted by Rachel 5/05/2005
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Here's a tip for spotting questionable
care facilities: look at the feet. If grandma has toenails that haven't been cut in months, then you can bet that she's not getting good care. If there's green stuff growing between her toes, you must ask what other aspects of her wellbeing are being neglected. (Yes I've personally seen both.) If you spot any signs of abuse or neglect you need to report it to the state and get grandma the hell out of there. Make the biggest fuss you can. Stay on top of it. Follow up. 40 people and not one of them had a family member or friend willing to stand up and start shouting? This kind of thing is only going to become more common as the babyboomers get older and overwhelm the care industry.

posted by Rachel 5/05/2005
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