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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Please, please, please, take a minute and write to your reps about this. Genocide. Happening NOW. Our stern look and a statement of expectations have enourmous influence in the world right now, why aren't we using them? The UN peacekeeper commander in Rwanda has since said that he could have stopped the genocide, even in later days, with a mere 5,000 trained soldiers. I bet you could find 5,000 US military vets to volunteer for free! Do we want to look back on this in five years and wonder why we let another Rwanda happen? Start squawking. Please.

posted by Rachel 5/07/2005
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Do you feel
safer? Please explain to me why you should be given more 'billions of dollars' when you misspent the first wave? They say it's a surefire sign of insanity when you continue to perform the same behaviors expecting different results. When 52 year old white female invalid minnesotan housewives are inexplicably added to the suspicious/ watch/ extra frisking list, and yet auditors say that the actual rate of threat detection remains what it was pre 9/11 and pre billions of dollars, well, I start to get irritated. I don't have a problem with the cost or the hassle IF it actually accomplishes something, but I see no reason to now trust the same people who've failed so predictably.

posted by Rachel 5/07/2005
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