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Sunday, May 29, 2005
this I'm struck by two things. The first point is that Delay and Bush embody in a very prominent way the crash of certain sincerely held but entirely subjective values (all of them are,) with the then-necessary inconsitancy of those values with certain modern realities. Or in other words, unless you're willing to commit the same effort and resources to preventing the annual hundreds of thousands "of living, distinct human beings" who are discarded as a consequence of fertility treatments, your position becomes open to charges of political rather than moral motivations. Or, this is growth/evolution/refinement-of-philosophy forced by changing circumstances. Or, the official doctrines of the Catholic church on these issues make for very poor policy, and the party seems to be beginning to grasp that.

My second thought is that depending on party message discipline, if Bush knows that the House will in fact have the votes to overcome a veto, he can as as second termer make an unprecendented yet meaningless gesture. Thus allowing the republican party to split the difference as it were. Surely I've gotten too cynical.

posted by Rachel 5/29/2005
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