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Monday, June 13, 2005
Mmmm geopolitics.

The problem starts when the two systems really start damaging each other, or when/if the world suddenly stops buying. There are 20 million surplus males in the population who will never find wives because they were all discarded as infants in preference for boys. What does any country do with 20 million unemployed permanently sexually frustrated young men? Look into my crystal ball... They could colonize mars. (If you've never read this, add it to your list immediately.) They could die in a flu pandemic. Or... they could use them up in a war to gain resources. (That's a hella lotta cannon fodder.)

BALANCE. That's the word that will enable both individuals and systems to survive this century. That and protection of private property. The lack of same will lead to suffering.

posted by Rachel 6/13/2005
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Oh good lord. I'm going to need a 50% larger
idiot bat for the days ahead aren't I?

Is NOTHING sacred anymore?!? What the hell happened to focusing on the issues? What the hell happened to focusing on character? (There are real character questions about why she chose to stay with Bill post-Monica, but those should be handled very respectfully.)

How will this make Chelsea feel? She's not involved in politics and she has no control over what her parents do. Not to mention the notion of speculating about what goes on in a marriage bed. Who knows what kinda kinky rough and tumble other people are into. Best not to speculate. Unless you hear screams or see injuries, in which case you go swear it to local law enforcement, you don't write a book about it 20+ years later. Write about the places where 'spousal rape' is not legally possible, you jerk. Learn something about why it's a subject best treated like nitroglycerin.

You thought the politics was filthy last time? Just wait.

posted by Rachel 6/13/2005
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