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Saturday, June 18, 2005
Snort. Snicker. Snort.
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posted by Rachel 6/18/2005
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What happened to the world I was promised? When did the world invert? How is it that freaking republicans are the only ones left who
recognize evil? (Snarky replies may be taken as given.)

There is a key difference between an organization that contains criminals and an organization that follows criminal policies. Unless the critics are willing to focus proportional attention to the abuse of american citizens that happens every day in regular prisons, they open themselves to charges of political opportunism.

I expect better from our military, but the basis of these criticisms are internal military reports attempting to deal with recognized issues, from before it hit the media. This is CUBA people. Tropical paradise vacation destination even prior to the invention of air conditioning? Ring a bell? (My grandparents went to Cuba for their honeymoon.) Slightly different than being sent to Siberia. Culturally appropriate diets? Slightly different than being starved and worked to death. Furnished with Korans? Slightly different than having to memorize the Bible and recite it in secret.

I mourn the loss of Amnesty International. But I must now treat their pronouncements with the same skepticism with which I greet anything coming out of Pat Buchanan's mouth. Who is there left to name evil? Bloggers and republicans? This is an extremely dangerous situation. Not even the next presidential candidate can be bothered to defend our military against comparisons to Nazis.

Freaking Howard Dean is trying to reign in the nutballs... The Left has lost it. There is no viable alternative to the repubs right now, and that's how scary whackos get into office. Bail, and start organizing a new party soon guys. It's only going to get worse under the DNC tent between now and '08. If you rediscover respect for the bill of rights I might even join ya.

Parties do sometimes need to die with changing times. Remember the Whigs? I'm disgusted to find myself still in the GOP tent this many years on. I'd welcome any party with a good proportion of rational adults of good will and good faith. Right now the repubs have the best game in town and that seems like an inversion of all that is natural.

This delighted me. If it delights you too, that's one more reason.
The question is: Are there people or things worth hating?

Let’s just start a little free-lance hater’s list.

I hate the fanatics of the Great Islamic Jihad, the ones who brought down the Twin Towers, the ones who behead people on video and kill innocent women and children without compunction. I hate the brutal totalitarian dictatorships that enable the Jihad, the regimes like those in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, and Zimbabwe.

I hate those barbaric bastards in Muslim societies who terrorize, mutilate, and brutalize women, and do it all with the blessing of their religion.

I hate the fellow-travellers in the West, the dhimmis and the wannabe jihadis, who facilitate the terrorists, who interfere with and pick at and ankle-bite the efforts of our brave soldiers in the war against the Great Jihad.

I hate the fact that our common language has been so debased that words like “gulag” and “holocaust” no longer have any meaning. I hate the fact that we all must dance around what we really want to say, cloaking our intentions with circumlocutions and euphemisms. I hate the fact that objectively considering who our likely killers might be is called “racial profiling”.

I hate the feminist bullies who had an attack of the vapors and emasculated the president of Harvard for daring to suggest the existence of genetic differences between men and women. And I hate Larry Summers for being a coward and rolling over for them, instead of telling them where they could stick their “gender equity”.

I hate the leftist pedagogues in our schools and universities who teach our impressionable young that America is a bad place, run by racist, sexist, and homophobic bigots. I hate the peddlers of discredited ideologies who infiltrate our culture at every level.

I hate the Jesus Hucksters, who claim to serve God but really serve Mammon, the ones who give Christianity a bad name. I hate the broad-based evangelical belief that prosperity is evidence of God’s favor.

I hate the anti-Semites, both here and abroad, the folks who respect Hitler and want to finish his work.

I hate people who wear Che Guevara T-shirts.

I hate the fact that Government works its tendrils into every part of my life, so that I can’t build a house, flush a toilet, or even buy a bag of Doritos without the government meddling. I hate the fact that our government, made up of our elected servants here in the land of the free and home of the brave, puts harmless pot-smokers in jail.

I hate the race hustlers, the poverty pimps, the TV talking head know-it-alls, and the shameless, voracious lawyers who have eaten away the vital parts of our civic body. I hate the cynical conmen who make their living off the stupid and the addled and the aged and the young.

And above all I hate socialists of all kinds — Fascists, Nazis, Communists, Fabians, Greens, you name it — because they made all the rest of this mess possible by poisoning the well of our political discourse so that their degraded ideology has leached into the soil of the larger culture. I hate the fact that their smug, self-righteous zeal has undermined and threatened the very existence of Western civilization.

That’ll do for starters. I’ll take suggestions from the gallery.

And I'll close with a quote from Bob Dylan: Don't hate nothing at all except hatred.

posted by Rachel 6/18/2005
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