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Thursday, June 23, 2005
never stop.

posted by Rachel 6/23/2005
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Good God! How common are examples of jaw-dropping corruption in small-time local government officials? Now the Supreme Court of the United States of America have ruled that such people can seize private homes if it will benefit their revenues? What?!? How many city council members need to be in bed with developers before the danger of people being forced from their property is judged too great? I thought the Raich decision was a miscarriage of justice, this is a travesty.

VodkaPundit sizes things up nicely:
"This is a dreadful decision. If politicians have the right to take your private property and give it to somebody else just because the other guy claims that he can generate more taxes from it, then property rights have ceased to exist in the US.

The localities are still required to pay "a just price" when one of these takings occurs, but the price even a willing seller would be able to get from his property just took a huge hit. All a developer has to do now is make a lowball offer and threaten to involve a bought-and-paid-for politician to take the property away if the owner doesn't acquiesce.

How could anything that Bush could do to the the court possibly be worse than what the existing court has accomplished this month? According to SCOTUS, congress has the power to regulate activities that aren't interstate and aren't commerce, as interstate commerce, meaning that practically speaking there are no limits on what congress stick its nose into at all. Today we learn that our right to private property is safe only so long as a rich person couldn't make better use of it. I think I'm very very worried about the future of our country right now. Learn to loathe stare decis. Too much bad law piling up around our ankles and tripping us up...

Another comment I ran across applied to churches. Many churches are in prime locations and they don't generate any revenue for the government at all. Better worry if you belong to a small congregation in a hot market.

posted by Rachel 6/23/2005
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It's very
vindicating when a bunch of smart people start pointing out the same things.

posted by Rachel 6/23/2005
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