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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Now, I know better than many the number of goofy ineffective all-natural or holistic products that there are out there today. Many of the proponents of natural medicines are so steeped in magical thinking that the idea of them treating anything sends chills. The problem is that there's little money in researching alternative cures and so the mechanism behind the action is obscure to most. If you need empirical data for your own sake or to wave at a doctor dismissing essential oils as perfumes or snakeoil,
here ya' go. I wish this stuff were better understood. I've known 2 people who were hospitalized with nasty nasty infections that I'd bet $50 I could have cleared up within a week, but tea tree oil (or melaleuca to those Amway types,) is seen as snake oil rather than the skin/oral-safe equivalent of lysol. The tea part of the name, that's cause people would literally make tea from the stuff. Now, check the antimicrobial activity in that article and explain why expensive and kidney-toxic antibiotics are still seen as more legitimate. (That particular organism is the first column in the data tables. So right there, you've more than doubled your list of substances that treat it.)

posted by Rachel 8/02/2005
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