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Saturday, September 17, 2005
This is an
essential point to be familiar with before we get into a military conflict with Iran. This is another key data point. How do you deter people who proudly proclaim that they love death? How do you respond to an absolutely implacable threat to your own existence?

We are currently engaged in a cold war with Russia, China, and Iran. (North Korea is a combination of loose canon megalomaniac and covert deniable proxy for China.) The pot is already simmering. A collapse of our trade relationship with China, due to bird flu or a collapse in consumer spending, will allow the lid to come off. It may take years to come to a boil, but when it starts it's going to accelerate quickly.

posted by Rachel 9/17/2005
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Rather than removing or reducing the
Posse Comitatus act, (one of the very few leashes remaining on absolute federal power,) why don't we return to the possibility of public hanging for elected officials that embezzle the public's money? Or tarring and feathering for officials whose criminal negligence leads to the deaths of hundreds of constituents. I'd ever so much rather officials be afraid of the public than the public be afraid of officials.

posted by Rachel 9/17/2005
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